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Video: How Okami 2 Almost Happened At PlatinumGames – Game History Secrets

Liam Robertson is back with some more video gaming research and insight. This time, the focus turns to Okami. Apparently, according to the video description, “a full sequel made by Okami’s original team almost came to be a whole decade after the developers at Clover Studio (who now work at Platinum Games) left Capcom. Even though the proposal fell through, Platinum are said to still have a friendly relationship with Capcom. Hideki Kamiya was even pictured at Capcom HQ playing the Nintendo Switch port of Okami HD”. Here’s the video, which is featured on Did You Know Gaming’s YouTube channel:


Speaking of Liam Robertson, thanks to him for sending us a tip!

3 thoughts on “Video: How Okami 2 Almost Happened At PlatinumGames – Game History Secrets”

    1. It’s mostly because of their shitty president who found the company screwing over everyone. One good thing that came out of it is that Capcom rereleases Okami 1 on all consoles and PC. So maybe with those sells, they can make an Okami 2 in the near future. Plus, Devil May Cry 5 is being made in-house by Capcom so the guy who made Clover Field didn’t know jackshit about it. lol

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