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ARMS Is Being Updated To Version 5.4 Tomorrow

The official ARMS Twitter account has announced today that the strategic fighter will be updated tomorrow to Version 5.4. The team didn’t reveal any details regarding what the new update will bring to the Nintendo Switch title, so expect to see some full patch notes soon.

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    1. … Until Nintendo realizes their online service flops due to no one being dumb enough to buy into it, thus reverting it back to free online like it was before Nintendo went full retard. This will most likely the outcome after seeing that Nintendo is only making people pay for something gamers used to have for free, or at least I hope so.

      1. For me the only part of console online service I actually care about is playing online. So right now Nintendo has the best offer for online since it gives me everything I want for cheaper.

  1. Your “Source”-link is a tumblr-redirect link to twitter (which I refused to click, btw). Please check your links before you post them!

    1. The other day, my 4 year old daughter comes up with a spikey blue ball in one hand and a balloon in the other and says “daddy, lets play Arms” and proceeded to smack me with them. I was impressed.

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