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Video: Suda51 Is “Talking With Marvelous” About Releasing No More Heroes 1 & 2 On Nintendo Switch

A PAX West 2018 video interview with Suda51 was recently uploaded by Nintendeal. At the 7:20 mark of the video,  Suda51 told Nintendeal that he’s in talks with Marvelous about bringing No More Heroes 1 and 2 to the Nintendo Switch. In fact, he said that “yeah, I’d love to be able to do that, and I’m actually talking with Marvelous to be able to realize that. Since as you know, Bayonetta got the 1 and 2 compilation, using that as an example (I’d) love to be able to do the very same thing”. The video is down below.


23 thoughts on “Video: Suda51 Is “Talking With Marvelous” About Releasing No More Heroes 1 & 2 On Nintendo Switch”

  1. Like I keep saying Switch is a sad underpowered confused console not knowing whether its a handheld or a console…stupid online features… How u using a cellphone for online chat lol….the 3ds and Wii U gamepad have features that the Switch doesn’t have…eg built in voice chat which doesn’t need any additional gadgets to work lol and better online features…. And tgese were released roughly 7 years ago lol Nintendo take 10 steps forward and 100 steps backwards lol

    No wonder majority of the Switch library is old Wii U and Wii games and some indie games….PS5 is on the Horizon and that will be another console from the mightly Sony outselling Nintendo and the end of Besthesda support… ES 6 not coming on Nintendo platforms

    1. You’re a sad underpowered confused person not knowing whether you’re a alone or lonely… stupid communication ability… How u using old troll tactics as comments online lol…

      Nintendo Switch is selling well, so I have no earthly idea what you’re basing all of this on. There are what 4 remakes right now on Switch? Tell me how many HD remixes there are on competing consoles and then we can discuss this.

      Also, PS5? Yeah, on the horizon 2-3 years from now. Chill.

    2. Eh, I’d rather play on my PC than buy another console that is trying too hard to be a gaming PC which after a year will soon be outdated. Switch actually interests me as it’s and actual console rather than something like the PlayStation or Xbox trying to be mini Gaming PCs.

      I predict that eventually the PS5 and Xbox Next will have an upgrade after 4 to 5 years of their life span which will again be outdated when it comes to specs. So again, sure they’ll get third party support but 9 times out of 10 the PC also gets those games. Exclusives on PlayStation would be the only reason to buy one, but their games are starting to look the same and it’s getting dull. Xbox Exclusives barely exist now a days, so I don’t see Microsoft stopping PC gamers from getting first party games anytime soon.

    3. But as you are a very smart person, I bet you can accept, that you might just not understand the Switch as you are not the audience. The audience which is pretty big and growing very fast. I am for instance not into esports, but I have more important things on my mind than going into esports forums and let these people know some stuff I think about it.

      Why shoudl I? If people like it and are happy with it, why should I have any problem with that?

      And to (still) adress one thing you said: many people around here don’t have the Switch as their only console and won’t be missing ES6 or any other games anyways. They just enjoy having the abilty to play Switch games on the go or in bed or on the dump. If this concept doesn’t work for you, then be happy (for once) that you, too, have options.

    4. But many Switch owners also own other platforms, mostly a ps4 and/or a PC, like myself. I only bought a Switch for games like Every game that has Zelda IP in it. I mostly buy Nintendo platforms for games like Metroid, F-Zero, StarFox (if Nintendo ever take their heads out of their asses and create a proper SF sequel), and Zelda. I don’t like Mario games, in fact I can’t stand Mario games, I never could since I was a child, but this is the first gen where I bought every Mario game on the Switch because Odyssey and Mario + Rabbids are really really good imo.
      I totally understand the hate for Nintendo from other gamers but I will buy a Nintendo console the moment I hear about a new F-Zero, StarFox or Zelda game, I did the same for the ps4 when I learned that Bloodborne was an exclusive, that game was the only reason I bought a ps4 tbh, thankfully I did to because I finally got the chance to play Gravity Rush 1 and 2 along with the greatest ARPG Horizon Zero Dawn and the greatest remake EVER Shadow of the Colossus Remastered.

    1. Honestly didn’t really think it was fantastic. I mean I only played the first one, but I personally liked Killer 7 way more, as it felt more daring, experimental and wicked. NMH is pretty cool, yes, but things like the emptiness of the city and some unpolished things made it feel more often that it tries to be something it couldn’t achieve because of it’s maybe too small team, while Killer 7 felt just like it turned out to be what S51 had in mind on paper.

      But well, I guess I would still be interested in playing the 2nd game, I just wish you could turn motion controls completely off as they felt too unprecise in the 1st one.

      1. ConsuelaRodrigoRomeroSlayer69XXX

        Two is much better, even the bosses abd zones where much better. Although the ending of one was really funny and cool even. I just love the revenge factor of 2. Trust me it’s what really convinced me on these series and why I have been begging for NMH3

    If they release both games on the same cartridge similar to Bayo1&2 Climax edition I will pre order that bad boy that very half second O_O
    I seriously pray they don’t do that half digital/half physical crap with the retail version, that ruins all of the excitement I have for a game, hell I canceled Starlink Switch version because of this and never supported any game that did it, even Wolfenstein on the Switch.
    Aside from that though this is some of the best gaming news about the Switch this whole year so far:D That Nintendo Direct was pure utter trash tbh, F!#@in dumbass Online trash service:/

    1. And to be honest, I thought their direct for September was alright at best. It had a few hype moments, like Luigi’s Mansion 3 and, if you’re an Animal Crossing fan like myself, Animal Crossing 2019 + Isabelle being playable in Smash Ultimate. Those last two almost gave me a mini heart attack with how excited I was.

      But, the worst part about the direct was when they were explaining the features of the online subscription. Nothing they explained made it sound worth the money and I found it really funny that they were trying to get people excited about paying to play online when it’s been free for a year and half. Then to find out that they left out crucial details, such as needing to connect to the internet once a week to play your NES games and saves being erased once your online subscription ends.

      Nintendo makes some of the best games in the gaming industry; when it comes to online though, they make so many questionable decisions.

  3. Ok i understand now, they will bring games from 10 yrs old to present for the next 3 yrs and then we will see new stuff for switch good. Im so disappointed to be honest. I really liked the switch.

    1. The Switch enables you to take home console games with you and play them portably. This is just a pretty strong selling point and as the Switch isn’t as powerful as PS4 and XBox One, it’s kinda safe and obvious that they do port after port to bring popular games on this portable console. As long as this concept sells, we will continue to see this happening. And I personally don’t really care. I believe Nintendo themselves still provide some good (new) games for the system. Yes, there’s definitely a lot of room for improvement, but to act like there’s nothing coming is not completely true. If you’re not into Doom Eternal or Smash Bros, then I can understand this, neither am I. But just because I don’t dig the new stuff being released doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. And the main reason why I don’t care is ironically that I got enough to do with Skyrim, a 7 year old port on my Switch. But still, it’s ridiculous how cool it feels to play a game like this portably, so if the game works, why should they waste its potential to make it portably playable?

      That being said, I used to be kinda pissed at Nintendo for not being able to keep a constant flow of software, new IPs, stuff to feel excited for on their console. But that was on the Wii. Then on the WiiU. Today, I’m more happy than ever, that we at least get some good ports and a gaming expeirence that actually makes it worth. On the Wii, the best we got were superdowngraded ports, yuck. On the WiiU we got ports with a kinda forced second-screen experience that didn’t really work most of the time. On the Switch, you can now play stuff like Diablo 3, Elder Scrolls 5, Zelda or Mario on the go. You can play Rocket leage portably with 2 controllers in cooperative mode online. I don’t think the potential of this needs more explanation. It’s just as big as the sales numbers of that system. And no, I’m no brainwashed Nintendo-sheep who needs to glorify it and ignore its shortcomings. Because the sales figures just prove em right.

      The only problem here is, that the sales figures also proved them right with the Wii and what followed was Nintendo becoming lazy and accepting that the Wii became a pretty boring system over time. I just hope they won’t let that happen again.

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