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FIFA 19 Is Now Available To Pre-Purchase On Nintendo Switch

To prepare for the upcoming launch of FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch, you can pre-purchase it right now via the Nintendo eShop. If choose this option, you’ll be able to play the game right when it arrives on September 28. Compared to its predecessors, FIFA 19 offers enhanced gameplay features designed to allow you to control the pitch in every moment. There are several new ways to play, including a new mode in FIFA Ultimate Team and a new Kick-Off mode experience.

3 thoughts on “FIFA 19 Is Now Available To Pre-Purchase On Nintendo Switch”

  1. fifa 2019 is avalable on switch in 2018 with 1990s controls mechanics and gameplay

    meanwhile all the way back in 2006 there was a wii pes that revolutionised socer sims on video gaming systems BUT LETS ALL PRETEND THAT DIDNT HAPEN IN ARE COSY CASUAL PLAYSTATION WORLD

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