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Sony Announces Its Own PlayStation Classic Console

Not to be outdone by the success of Nintendo’s NES Classic and SNES Classic, Sony has announced that its been busy creating the PlayStation Classic. The mini Playstation One comes pre-loaded with 20 classic titles, including Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms. The item will ship on the 3rd of December in the United Kingdom and costs £89.99.

60 thoughts on “Sony Announces Its Own PlayStation Classic Console”

  1. Are you kidding me? Could Sony be any more Nintendo copypasta? Sometimes it looks like any random Chinese factory producing copies of other products.

      1. Nintendo fans should hope and pray for a Playstation Switch. Sony has proven time and again that they don’t understand portable gaming, and think it’s just a living room console with a smaller screen. You can’t just throw Assassin’s Creed onto a portable and think it’s going to compete with Pokemon.

    1. Sega did it first with the Mini Genesis/Mega Drive. So if anything, they’re all copying sega. It’s annoying to see Nintendo fanboys claiming somebody copied Nintendo when they never did in the first place.

      1. As far as I know, the Sega series was never as popular as Nintendo ones, so it’s a little bit strange how Sony revealed this product after the astonishing success of Nintendo mini series. It’s not like they ripped off the product itself (which they did many times in past), they just copied the whole campaign and a product image. Also, the advertisement is uncannily similar.

      2. @ryuStack Why does it matter if the first ones who did it were popular or not? Doesn’t make the idea of the Nintendo mini consoles any less of a copy of them, haha. Not like it matters in any way. Copying and taking inspiration from the competitors is what drives the industry forward, it’s exactly why competition is so important. Everyone does it.
        However, I’ll say I do think it’s funny how the promotional pictures are so similar, haha. I’ll refuse to believe they didn’t do it on purpose though, may it be as a joke, or a way to provoke people.

        But yeah, to anyone who seems to mad about this… Why is it so bad that Sony is making their own mini version of their console? Why was it not bad when Nintendo did it after Sega and Atari did it? Why is it supposed to be something negative to give people more options, more games? Not everyone grew up with an NES or SNES, but they did with a PS1 instead, so this is gonna mean a lot to those people who that applies to. Why would that be bad in any way??
        I know I am excited for this, just as I was excited for the SNES mini, since I grew up with both the SNES and the PS1 and the two of them hold a special place in my heart. Does that make people who are mad about this announcement angry? lmao.
        People are complaining about the dumbest shit, it’s honestly kinda crazy to me.

      3. Sega never actually did it though. They licensed out to AT Games time and time again and countless times that has failed. Emulation is buggy and its generally worse than me just hooking the console up to a modern TV. Now when Sega actually does it right is with things like the Sega Ages collection. The Sega 3D collection…. But saying Sega did it first is pretty laughable. If anything the Coleco, Atari, and Intellivision mini plug and play consoles were first

        Nintendo did it properly first with almost 100% accurate emulation of the hardware and successfully ran with it. Once again Sony is copying Nintendo. Even with the same naming scheme. NES Classic, Super NES Classic… Playstation Classic… I’m just hoping for proper emulation of the games or the hardware. Sony has never been able to accurately emulate PS1 games. Even on the PS3, it was crap.

  2. Well done Sony…the original PlayStation outsold every Nintendo console to date including the Wii…and this was Sony’s first attempt at video games and the new kid on the block beat both Nintendo and Sega lol and the latter ended up exiting the hardware industry after the Awesome beat down that the Mighty PS2 gave to both the Dremcast and tge Gamecube,…PS2 being the highest selling console of ALL TIME,Nintendo decided they cant compete with Sony and started creating a market of thier own called CASUALS lol watch the PS Classic repeat history again… Watch it outsell both the Nes Mini and Snes mini combined lol

    1. It won’t. PS1 is straight out of the era of limited replayability. N64 struggles in similar ways, but Nintendo still would have the advantage from their focus on stylized graphics over realism which tend to age better. Nintendo dominates in the retro sales world, and kids that grew up on PS1/N64 aren’t at the same level of disposable income as the 30 somethings that are picking up the NES/SNES classic. I simply can’t come up with a list of PS1 games that have the same sort of broad appeal and replayability as the titles on the NES/SNES classic. N64 has the same problem. Basically my list is loaded down with Final Fantasy’s and other RPGs plus gotta have that Final Fantasy Tactics. Castlevania. But despite sales numbers, they’re not putting out a thing that has Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, etc.

      And we’re talking $100 vs the $60 or $80 of the Nintendo consoles. If I’ve learned one thing from the Switch Online going live, people will make a huge f-ing deal over $20.

  3. I totally agree with Doggystyle man you amazing you so knowledgeable about gaming history I wish Nintendo fans were clued up like you instead of being blind fanboys its really disgusting

    keep up the good work Doggystyle

    1. Sony fans need to be humbled. Seriously. I love Playstation and respect the fanbase deeply but let’s not act like Sony paid the same dues Nintendo did to the gaming industry.

      The PS Classic is just another example of Nintendo creating opportunities for other companies to take advantage of.

      1. Oh, I figured you meant it jokingly, even though what you said wasn’t exactly wrong, LOL.
        I didn’t mean to come off as dead serious or anything, kinda difficult to convey the right tone through typing only, hah.

  4. This particular generation of consoles was an experimental age transitioning to 3D gaming. Most of the games didn’t age well on all consoles hence why all the remasters and remakes are popping out left and right this generation and probably will continue to the next..

  5. More expensive than I would have guessed. Generally, digital PS1 games cost less than a lot of old Nintendo games do, especially during certain sales. I was able to get Crash Bandicoot 1-3 AND Spyro 1-3 for literally $1 apiece during one of the big online sales for PS3. Meanwhile, SNES games rarely go on sale for much less than $6 or so. So I’m surprised that this will cost $100 when the SNES mini had just as many games and cost $80. That’s the better purpose IMO. Obviously as a predominant Nintendo fan I’m biased, but in this case I think I’m being pretty objective. Who knows, though, maybe there are some extra bells and whistles that make this thing worth it.

  6. Sorry, no thanks. The PS1/N64 generation has aged the worst in my opinion. Not worth $100. And AC adaptor sold separately? I wonder how much extra cost that’ll be. $10-20? What a joke. Not even dualshock controllers either. No surprise to see this happen though. Nintendo popularized it, set a new standard for mini systems, so now Sony has to copy. Never fails lol.

    1. I mean, only if they announce the right games. What’s the point of spending $100 on a mini console if FF7 already coming to like, every modern day console? If Tekken 3 is outclassed by the current Tekken 7? If there’s a remastered and definitive version of Wild Arms currently on the market? They need better and more elusive titles, if you ask me, before anyone starts shelling out $100.

      I’m hoping for Symphony of the Night. Jumping Flash seems pretty nice. Maybe Megaman Legends 2, or the misadventures of Tron Bonne.

  7. And it begins.

    Sony ALWAYS had it out for Nintendo. I guess there’s no chance in us ever getting those PSX exclusives on the Switch:

    Ape Escape, Tomba, Tomba 2, Croc, Pac-Man World, Thousand Arms, Digimon World, Pocket Fighter, SFA3 (Guile and Deejay port), Mega Man Battle & Chase, Tail Concerto, the Street Fighter EX series, Brave Fencer Musashi, Punky, Skunk, Gex, Rival Schools, Rayman 1, various licensed games, and any I may have missed.

  8. Nintendo has a million ideas for 4DS and Switch successor. Even I myself have thought of a million ideas for 4DS, and a successor to the Nintendo Switch. The Japanese in Japan, and African-Americans in America; are the last people to ever become lazy, including in ideas. Trust Mii, both black & Japanese people will never stop coming up with new ideas nor get lazy in coming up with new ideas. The South Koreans are more of an artificial version of this, were the South Koreans are actually talent-less people who create their own talent by making themselves artificially hungry for more…..and it works, because the South Koreans come up with all sorts of wonderful ideas too. Think of Black & Japanese people as Goku (naturally talented people who come up with ideas all the time), and the South Koreans as Vegeta (not talented but create their own talent artificially, and manage to match Goku all the time, being a 100% equal, successfully).

  9. Whatever. It’s not like Nintendo was original with classic systems, anyway, as Sega & others did it before them. It doesn’t matter if Ninty popularized it; it doesn’t matter if they didn’t outsource it to a 3rd party like Sega did and made these things in house; it doesn’t matter: Nintendo STILL copied someone before Sony copied them yet there was no outrage directed at Nintendo when they did it. (Some Nintendo fans are so damn petty and hateful.) But such is the way of business. Copying another is good competitive business no matter how much any fan upset by this cries foul as it keeps products from being too expensive to where only rich people can afford the stuff.

  10. Oh, Sony’s salty at Nintendo’s friendship with Microsoft. :)

    Seriously, due to that friendship, who here hopes an N64 mini will come with Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie?!

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