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Shovel Knight Will Be Heading To Brawlhalla

The free to play title Brawlhalla will be adding a new guest characters and it is none other than the popular Shovel Knight. He will be joining the cast at a later date as well as Ubisoft’s Rayman, which should please fans of both franchises. Shovel Knight will be present as well as King Knight, Dark Knight, Plague Knight and Specter Knight.



10 thoughts on “Shovel Knight Will Be Heading To Brawlhalla”

  1. I was kinda hoping Rayman was gonna be the only established character in Brawlhalla, mostly because Ubisoft now owns the studio that made the game. I wanted the rest of the roster to be original…

    1. These are actually just skins for characters that are already in the game, not all-new characters. It would’ve been nice if the article mentioned that, but oh well.

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