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Splatoon 2 Gets A Big Ink Explosion Weapon

Nintendo has revealed that a brand new weapon is coming to Splatoon 2 which will enable players to create huge ink explosions. The weapon doesn’t have an official English name yet, but translated from Japanese it reads Nice Dama. You simply charge the weapon and unleash a huge ink storm.



11 thoughts on “Splatoon 2 Gets A Big Ink Explosion Weapon”

      1. I think he’s suggesting that the Splatoon team should stop working on Splatoon content and start working on Mario Kart :P

  1. Great, like the game can’t get more unbalanced anymore, from all the no lives spamming turf wars because they suck at ranked to biggest noobs just standing at spawn, so burned out if this poop game. Glad we have other shooters now on Switch or I would already sold this garbage

    1. Don’t play turf war? That’s basically for warm up or trying new weapons. Our perception of balance is usually just an emotional response. Actual balance requires data. I’ve yelled at the game for stupid weapons before, but when I stop and think, and try the weapon for a while, I realize its not too bad. And if I don’t, I’ve always found it fixed in the next patch notes. The team does a great job adjusting balance as needed.

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