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Art Of Super Mario Odyssey Book Shows Princess Bowser

A book has come out today in Japan titled The Art of Super Mario Odyssey and included within the art book is a previously scrapped concept by the Kyoto-based company . The concept art shows the devious Bowser taking over Princess Peach’s body with his own version of Cappy. It obviously didn’t make the finished game, but it would certainly have been interesting if it came into fruition.



  1. This is the only version I seem to like the others either dont make sense or there just not acurate like bowsette is bowser and toadette together not bowser and peach I like this design better than the deviant cringe versions tho

  2. I’m actually not all that surprised since Nintendo always has some pretty fleshed out ideas during development.

      1. Nope. Fans running with something Nintendo came up with but never put into productiom would be like… It would be like if Sony put out their own Vitality Sensor but it clipped to your genitals.

        Nobody wants a Sony-copying-Nintendo thing attached to their ding dong.

        1. I don’t see how that’s relevant. If people got attached to an idea, a separate, somewhat similar idea, albeit official, should not detach them from their obsession for the sole reason of it being conceived before they imagined it.

    1. How? This only further legitimizes the idea of a Peach/Bowser hybrid character.

      If anything, this will increase the art, as now there is an “Official” Bowsette/Princess-Bowser alt costume design to make art of.

    1. Eh, it wouldn’t even have been the first time for Peach to become possessed and turn into a villain. Already happened in Paper Mario, maybe other games as well.

    1. So we had Mario capturing Bowser in the official game… now we got Bowser capturing Peach in concept art…
      Now we just need Peach capturing Mario to complete this triforce.

  3. Nintendo and other companies are the ones who leak some stuff on purpose. It’s not really a leak but done on purpose to keep people talking for weeks about it. Some people you can fool all the time. These people don’t respect you and constant need to test the waters like you are some kind of money farm. Sad times for human spirit.

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