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Rosalina Appears In The Art Of Super Mario Odyssey Book

As we previously reported, The Art of Super Mario Odyssey book is now available in Japan. As you would expect, screens from the book have found their way online, and the latest is a sketch of how Rosalina could have looked had Nintendo decided to include her in the game. She was scrapped along with Princess Bowser. Perhaps she will appear in the inevitable sequel.




21 thoughts on “Rosalina Appears In The Art Of Super Mario Odyssey Book”

    1. Don’t misunderstand me, though. A space kingdom full of Lumas based off 90s-grunge-seattle-whatever would actually be kinda cool.

      Honestly, Mario capturing a Luma is just full of gameplay potential.

    2. But there not related Nintendo already confirmed that she has no relationship with any mario characters, it was stated that idea belongs to beta Rosalina the one that actually had a dress similar to peach also “angsty teen” Rosalina is hella old to as she already claim she’s sees the earth every thousand years

      1. I don’t think anything is confirmed or ever will be… that’s sort of one of the keys to Mario’s longevity in the industry.
        I’m also not saying Rosalina is a teenager… I’m just pointing out the clear inspiration of the 90s grunge look. If I had to guess… it was probably her hairstyle that inspired the idea from whichever artist who drew this.

  1. Well, I guess she was intended to be in the game since she was scrapped durning development of the game. If they plan to make a sequel of the game, that would be nice to include her in game story. The last story she was in was Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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