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Famitsu: Full Super Mario Party Review For Nintendo Switch

As you probably saw earlier this week, Japanese magazine Famitsu has been the first publication to publish their review for the upcoming Super Mario Party on the Nintendo Switch. Famitsu rewarded the latest entry in the series an excellent 34/40. Here’s the review fully translated by Japanese Nintendo.

1st reviewer: The main Mario Party mode can be enjoyed by a broad range of users regardless of age or gender, which is good. The strategy element has increased thanks to the Character Dice which has different results for each character. Other than that, the meaning of partner’s existences has also increased which is good as well. The presentation in each event is done carefully which is good, but I wish it could be played with a bit better tempo. Other than the main [mode], I’m glad that it also includes a variety of gameplay, such as playing while lining up 2 consoles. 8

2nd reviewer: The Sugoroku-style Mario Party progresses in a rather laid-back pace, so the play feel is that you’ll want to play it deliberately. 2-on-2 is interesting as the freedom in movement and strategy element for team battles have increased. The River Survival mode is fun as it feels like a co-op, but I may be a bit concerned that the same minigame may appear multiple times in a single playthrough. It also has Sound Stages which can be played for a short time, Online Mariothon where you can play online versus, and much more. So it has a broad range of gameplay. 8

3rd reviewer: This is truly the definitive edition of party games. The depth of the Sugoroku game and the volume of minigames are also very complete. Being able to choose Character Dices with high risk & high return is also epochal, and the boards are also fun as things from gimmicks to background details are thoroughly created. The presentation is rich, but I kind of wish there was a speed-up option for those who like to play it quickly. It is very complete with a Sugoroku Lecture mode, Co-op play mode, Rhythm games, and even a Baseball Board-styled mode. 9

4th reviewer: The presentation of doing a high five using Joy-Con, and the River Survival mode which can be enjoyed by everyone as they go in sync for a river downstream, make it so that players can enjoy not only versus but also the sense of cooperating with each other even more than before. While Joy-Con share play is an obvious thing, exciting structures like connecting 2 Nintendo Switch consoles raise the party feel. It would have been even better if there was an option to skip each kind of presentations when we want to play with an even faster tempo. 9

Total score34/40*

Target audience: Can be enjoyed by anyone.

Average clear time estimate: Mario Party mode: around 1~2 hours per 1 course. Sound Stage & others: can end in about 5 minutes, there is also a Relaxation Rhythm mode.


12 thoughts on “Famitsu: Full Super Mario Party Review For Nintendo Switch”

  1. Actually pretty excited for this. 😋😊. Do you need two game carts tho to play with the two consoles? My guess is Yes. Unlike that one namco release on the eshop with pacman.

  2. I’ll be getting this, but can’t afford to on release day. There’s too many other games (and amiibo) that’s breaking me and killing my wallet. Not to mention killing Christmas. I can’t afford Christmas because of all these games (and amiibo)coming out at roughly the same time.

    I always thought that there would eventually be a SUPER Mario Party. Just had a feeling. But I was thinking it would feature every mini-game and board from the entire series, all in one. I guess that was expecting far too much.

  3. So they can make a Mario Party immediately but they cant make a Donkey Kong, Super Mario Strikers, Pikmin, Metroid immediately. And why is it Ubisoft can make a “Let’s Dance Immediately ” but they cant make another Rayman Legends or Mario Rabbids immediately? Why couldn’t they make another Tropical Freeze immediately instead of dumbing it down to make it easier?.

  4. When the Pokemon game for hardcore comes out, how much you wanna bet it will be 7 years until another one arrives. They should be working on another Pokemon Tittle immediately. That way they can release that one 8 months after the other one. Then start working on the need one immediately.

    What’s wrong with developers that cant work a game immediately?

    I bet Nintendo hasn’t even started on a new Mario game yet.

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