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The Latest ARMS Party Crash Event Sees Spring Man Defeat Misango

The results from the latest and greatest ARMS Party Crash are now in. As always it was an interesting battle pitting the flexible Spring Man against Misango. With all ARMS Party Crash events there can only be one winner and that award goes to Spring Man. Now we just need to wait til the next Party Crash event!


2 thoughts on “The Latest ARMS Party Crash Event Sees Spring Man Defeat Misango”

  1. I wish Nintendo would realize they need more than Party Crashes to get people to come back to ARMS. They had a stream of new content for only half a year and then stopped. Way too soon.

    I still go back and play every once in awhile, but it’s never for more than half an hour or so.

    1. More content would be nice for this game, but I really doubt there’s much they can do. This game did what it could. It got overshadowed by Splatoon and Mario Kart. They’d probably be better off putting effort into a sequel.

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