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Limited Run Games: Last Day To Get Limited Edition Physical Copy Of Yooka-Laylee For Nintendo Switch

Limited Run games has reminded customers that today is your last chance to get a limited edition physical version of Yooka-Laylee on the Nintendo Switch. The company says that it will pre-orders close today at 11.59pm ET. The game costs $49.99 and is available via the Limited Run website.

18 thoughts on “Limited Run Games: Last Day To Get Limited Edition Physical Copy Of Yooka-Laylee For Nintendo Switch”

  1. I ordered both this AND Golf Story from Limited Run Games (for the Switch). Which is why I’m currently almost broke and suffering. But it’s worth it for me. This was my first two orders from Limited Run Games. Though technically third, if you count Night Trap for the Switch. But I ordered that for twice the price from ebay. Now that I’m aware of this company’s site (and similar sites) and how they do things, I’ll probably be ordering from them every now and then. But I can never afford the special collector’s editions. Technically, I don’t really care about those anyway, but they ARE cool. I also wanted that NES game they were offering, GALF . But couldn’t afford it after those other two games.

    1. 🎼tmi, tmi🎶, oh no one gives a shit 🎵, shut your mouth for a bit 🎶,oh tmi, tmi🎶

      Thank you, thank you!

      1. People do care. Not only do people treat message/comment boards like this as a community, it’s much better to read genuine thoughts than console wars and people spouting off the same sides of tired arguments all day long.

    1. The super tl;dr of it, given as objectively as I possibly can, is that youtube personality JonTron was slated to voice a character in the game. Later, in the aftermath of a debate, he tweeted opinions about immigration that some people think are racist, and others do not. They weren’t slurs, but I want to avoid giving my own opinion so I’ll avoid going into detail. Suffice to say, there are different views on how to take what he said. In any event, They dropped him from the game on the basis of these tweets dealing with an unrelated debate.

      “Censoring people” is referring to removing people from the game for having the wrong political opinion.

    2. Some alt-right neo nazis are offeneded that another neo nazi’s voice lines got removed for a game. bunch of autistic incels.

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