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North America: The Official Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Site Is Now Open

In just 5 days, the Nintendo 3DS version of the original Luigi’s Mansion will be releasing on the handheld. With the release so close, Nintendo has decided to launch the North American official site for the game. The site contains a basic overview of the plot, and it also lets you go pre-order the game. If you want to see the official site for yourself, you can do so right here.

6 thoughts on “North America: The Official Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Site Is Now Open”

  1. As far as I can tell… there’s not really new content besides multiplayer. Is that correct?
    It’s an alright game but I just can’t see spending $40 on such a short game. Surely they’ve added some extra stuff?

    1. To be fair, playing with another person for the whole game sounds cool in Luigi’s Mansion. But they did add an achievement system, a boss rush mode, and amiibo functionality. That’s it though.
      But, I will ask, how much did the original GameCube game cost when it was released?

      1. I don’t know. I’m guessing $50 but I can’t say I ever bought it when it first came out. I think I got it for $20 and even then I was kinda shocked at how quickly the game was over.
        The amiibo don’t seem to add any content… just health buffs or location of Boos (making the game even quicker to complete for a new player) and I think… wasn’t there only like 4 bosses? I can’t imagine a boss rush mode being enjoyable except for speedrunners.

        In fact, I’d probably sum up Luigi’s Mansion that way… it’s a great game for speedrunners but I don’t think the average gamer is going to get their money’s worth at $40.

  2. I played the original Luigi’s Mansion when the GCN launched. I beat it in 5 hrs, basically paying $10 an hr for it. The visuals were magical at the time, & playing as Luigi in his own game & in a genre outside Platformers & Kart Racers felt fresh; plus it was a launch game for Nintendo’s 6th gen console, & in the gen before consoles & console-gaming began turning into budget PCs & PC-gaming. Anyway, porting Luigi’s Mansion 17 yrs later without much in terms of new content, & on hardware that’s limited even compared to a console from 17 yrs ago, is extremely disappointing. Rarely any reason to double dip, but this port is really uninspiring. It should’ve been ported or remade on Switch.

    Worse, without thumbsticks & pressure-sensitive shoulder buttons, this port will have comparatively poor gameplay mechanics, much like Dark of the Moon & really any 3D game on 3DS (the circlepad is still only a 2D input after all).

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