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Videos: Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Footage

Other than Nintendo Directs, we haven’t seen much footage of the 3DS version of the original Luigi’s Mansion. Well, that has now changed. GameXplain has posted two videos that give the game more time in the spotlight. The first video is the game’s opening cutscene. The second video gives viewers a tour of the game’s new Gallery, as well as achievements and a “special cartridge for the Game Boy Horror”. The two videos can be seen down below.

Source 1 / Source 2

15 thoughts on “Videos: Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Footage”

      1. I appreciate Nintendo’s support for an obsolete product, but I can tell you for a fact that I won’t be playing this game as much, if at all, because it’s not on the Switch. The game isn’t even taking advantage of the 3DS so what’s the point? Furthermore it’s already enough carrying around one expensive console, not to mention that this would be the only 3DS game I would be playing at the time, meaning I’m either running the risk of loosing one of my console’s and my game or only bringing one of these consoles (Which I wouldn’t want to do because I have more games I actively want to play on the Switch rather then the 3DS/DS) just because Nintendo want’s the 3DS to live for a little bit longer. Yeah, no thanks.

      2. It does that’s how you make a console thrive lol 3ds is old and nearly dead switch is new and needs games, why release the second in a portable when the first and third are on a home console? Lol

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