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Video: Have A Listen To The Full 2018 Pokemon World Championships Theme

The Pokemon Company has uploaded the official Pokemon World Championships theme song for you all to listen to in its entirety. Not only have they uploaded the song but they have provided the lyrics, so you can along if you wish!

“People come from miles around just to have a shot at greatness Nashville, Tennessee, just might be your chance to take it So if you wanna be the best, like this world’s never seen Trainers, get ready Keep your nerves steady It’s time for Pokémon! Chorus: So saddle up, ’cause here we go Making friends along the road Yeah, we gotta train up, ’cause we gonna throw down People gonna know who’s the best in town So saddle up, we’re riding tall We’re all here ’cause we heard the call From far and wide, together we ride Pokémon… Gotta catch ’em all Gotta catch ’em all Build your team and train ’em up, let’s get ready for action It’s time to match up, and if you do your best, you could be the main attraction When you’re ready, it’s your chance to be the champion Everybody, good luck And Trainers, step up It’s time for Pokémon! Made so many memories in the time we’ve shared together So much fun I’m wishin’ we could make it last forever So thanks to everybody here in Nashville, Tennessee And to our new friends Till we meet again It’s time for Pokémon!”

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