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Video: First Trailer For Yo-Kai Watch 4 On Nintendo Switch

Level-5 has given us all the first glimpse of Yo-Kai Watch 4 on the Nintendo Switch. The game was recently delayed until the spring for reasons unknown. However, they have decided to show off the company’s first Yo-Kai Watch game on the Nintendo Switch. Have a watch of the footage below! A release date for the west has yet to be announced.

11 thoughts on “Video: First Trailer For Yo-Kai Watch 4 On Nintendo Switch”

    1. Yeah, I hope so. It’s already been 2019 and I’m still on the fence for this game’s availability on the west. Come to think of it, it reminds me of Ni No Kuni without the Ghibli art and English accents. Weird! Anyway, I hope Level-5 isn’t struggling with the translation to the point that it’ll take another 3 years of waiting.

      1. I like to believe that the lets go games are more of a spin off than they are actual games in the series. I’m expecting that their big 2019 release will be on a much greater scale than let’s go is and let’s go is more of a way to stall for time.

  1. Looks good! I kind of prefer the more bright and cartoony visuals of the previous games, but this doesn’t look bad. The combat system this time around sure is interesting!

  2. The framerate is the only thing bothering me.
    I like the graphics but people saying this is better than Pokemon Let’s Go…. eh, maybe in lighting but I can see where they had to hold back and honestly, Let’s Go’s artstyle to me is more appealing to a Wider Audience whilst this is trying to appeal to Niche Audiences.

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