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Huawei Claims Their Newly Announced Tablet Is A “Better Portable Game Machine” Than Nintendo Switch

Technology manufacturer Huawei has announced a new tablet which they believe will compete directly with the dedicated video game machine, the Nintendo Switch. Instead of comparing the product to other rival tablets they are going after Nintendo with this one. The tablet in question is the newly announced 7.2 inch Mate 20 X tablet which comes with its own detachable controllers to better enable people to play video games on it. These are the specs of the tablet:

  • SoC: HiSilicon Kirin 980Octa-core (4x Cortex-A77 @ 2,8 GHz & 4x Cortex-A55 @ 1,8 GHz)GPU ARM Mali-G76
  • 1080p or 1440p screen
  • 5000 mAh battery
  • 4 or 6 GB
  • 128 GB internal storage
  • 7.2 inch AMOLED display


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Thanks to MasterPikachu6 for the news tip!


91 thoughts on “Huawei Claims Their Newly Announced Tablet Is A “Better Portable Game Machine” Than Nintendo Switch”

  1. welp, the thing is nintendo switch gets actual console games, whereas this thing will only have app store games. that’s the important difference. nintendo switch is a dedicated gaming machine.

    1. I am a huge Nintendo Fan too so I understand how protective we are but pease please please get real. This kind of reasoning is the reason they sleepwalking into the Wii U nightmare. Nintendo does get console games but this tablet, while it’s ugly as F###, completely destroy the switch spec wise.
      i.e Why would Square Enix battle to get something demanding like FFXV on a switch if they can get a better device that doesn’t have potato specs by a no player like Huaei?
      I for one welcome this tablet and the plethora of other competitors that want to rise to challenge. Nintendo is Iconic but they always get lazy when they get on top (Wii, Wii U). Either put up and innovate or become Sega replacement. Period.

      1. Making the Switch too powerful without knowing if it would be a success would be a real risky move. One that they couldn’t have known would pay off, especially since the ads look very similar (the Wii U ads only showed the gamepad)

      1. This and obviously Nintendo Iconic game IPs is the only pros I can give the Switch.
        Oculus Rift was $600 when it first came out 2 years ago, Now you can get it for $300 AND the tech as been refined and improved with the cheaper Oculus Go that you can easily find for $200 or less. I’m not saying a Switch killer will materialize by tomorrow but tech has a way to move fast and to easily leave people behind….

  2. I’m sure it probably does have better specs but then you’d expect that for something that costs 3 x the price of a Switch.

  3. Well… dues have a better OLED display. But no…. It won’t sell at all. Did they forget that they have no original IP? No AAA android games, that controller looks terrible, and just no…….

  4. But it will still only be able to play mobile games on the google app store.
    They can claim they’re competing with Nintendo all they want, if they don’t have console-quality games, they will only be competing with other tablets.
    The fact that it has dedicated controllers is nice, and gives it an edge over other tablets, but if the games can’t deliver then it isn’t fair to compare it to the Switch

      1. You are a racist idiot. Huawei is Chinese and your unoriginal rendition of a Japanese accent is about as successful as the Wii U was….which is not at all.

    1. It will also have access to the Steam Link app and Moonlight. Between those two, you can do some pretty awesome in-home streaming from your PC. Plus there’s always a market for dedicated emulation devices, which will technically (but not ethically for some) give a larger retro library than we’ll ever see on the Switch.

    1. for that price it better have a port of DOOM 2016 and Wolfenstein II the New Colossus and have them run better on Switch, that and it better have games that will compete with Xenoblade, Dragon Ball, Mario, Zelda, Bayonetta and Smash Bros.

  5. Watch out Nintendo. Your days are numbered. Mario Odyssey!? Octopath Traveler!? Smash Brothers!!? Ha! All inferior experiences to the quality titles found on the Android App Store.

  6. ok storage isn’t an issue but saying a phone is a better gaming system than a console made me spray pepsi max all over the place. the battery can be remedied i got a modded 50,000 mah battery and a custom cooling system
    so eat that mobile users. but still phone as a console what autism is that ?

    1. I don’t see it a really copy of the Switch because
      1) This Smartphone cannot be docked like the Switch can with the dock
      2) It’s a smartphone which has to do other things like photos, run apps and other stuff that people usually do with their smartphone.
      3) I saw their specs and ok it’s true that this things has better battery life and resolution but only on this but in their conference it doesn’t seems they want to compete in the gaming market

    1. I think it’s wrong what Huawei said because their Smartphone is a gaming smartphone, yes it has better battery life, resolution ecc but their CPU/GPU it doesn’t seems to be adapted for gaming but instead it’s adapted for Machine Learning which is something different, of course ML is used in gaming but I just don’t know which game use this ML

      1. They’re making a huge mistake by comparing it to the Switch, not because it’s a bad tablet but because it is so much different than the Switch. It won’t sell if they compare PC and Android games to Smashbros. Plus it’s 600 bucks more expensive.

  7. So I saw the show event of this Huawei Mate 20 Pro and checked his components. The GPU is an Arm Mali-G76 (of course it’s an ARM because it’s for a smartphone) and it doesn’t really talk too much about gaming but instead this GPU is made for performance and efficiency for complex graphics and Machile Learning but it says it improves more about Machile Learning.

    Of course if we compare the CPU the Huawei Mate 20 Pro has an Kirin 980 octa-core but in few words it’s an octa-core comparing to the Nvidia Tegra X1 which has an quad-core. Conclusion comparing a dedicated GPU/CPU for gaming against a not gaming smartphone (they said this is a gaming smartphone but I don’t know) isn’t properly good but that’s ok.

    Anyway Huawei compared the Switch to their smartphone saying that their smartphone has better resolution, battery life, and screen. That’s everything they said.

  8. Gee, I wonder what to play my games on: the handheld with actual buttons, or the smartphone with an analog stick and a D-Pad on one side and nothing on the other side.

  9. No fear :)
    Huawei 900eur + stupid android games full of microtransaction
    Switch 300eur + nintendo quality AAA games library
    Hard question :D
    I buy iPads (porn browsing) 8years. After 8 years still no serious games for ios (Ok kingdom rush ironhide is serious and monument valey is Ok but nothing more..)

  10. Everyone’s getting upset over this comparison and yeah, given the price difference, it is rather silly.

    But, it’s still interesting to me to see mobile tech advancing. For what it’s worth, I really appreciate the Switch and I think $300 for it’s hardware is impressive.

    Looking at stuff like this makes me excited for all the possibilities for a future Switch.

  11. The only thing about this that could remotely grab my attention is battery life, but my galaxy tablet already lasts like 8 hours and my Switch is always docked so I don’t even need to worry about its battery. The only thing I really need to worry about with my Switch is it bursting into flames, but I get a headache well before that can happen.

  12. If nintendo use in new Switch better (tougher, hard) plastic and better battery, for me (34yo) price 600eur is no problem. Nintendo Hey i need Switch pro!

  13. Gotta say I’d love to see a Nintendo Switch competitor, a Tablet is NOT, mainly because of the retail price and software lineup, which is probably Play Store (mobile) games.
    I understand Huawei’s tablet hardware is more powerful, but we’ve also seen that better hardware doesn’t mean “better” games.

  14. Indeed is a better portable in hardware specs, but the psvita was better hardware than the 3ds and it was not sucessful because the lack of software

  15. can it play BOTW, Odyssey, Super Mario party, splatoon 2, Super smash bros ultimate, and soon to be metroid 4? No? then it’s not better. I buy nintendo consoles to play nintendo games. It’s the only console I buy anyway since it’s the only games I like.

  16. Not relevant to me… This is just another tablet in the class of the Razr gaming tablets…
    Good Specs, no original content, Higher Price Point and Gimmicky features…

    Sorry Huawei.

  17. Bold claim. If they can lower the price to at least 400 bucks, they could possibly (I repeat, possibly) give Nintendo a run for their money. Certain people will scream “They can’t beat Nintendo! No one can!” but anyone that doesn’t have their head up Nintendo’s ass knows they have been beaten. By Sony. On 3 separate occasions: PS1 beat N64, PS2 beat GCN, and PS4 has beaten the Wii U. Anything is possible. Even Sony can be beaten as they lost to the Wii.

    1. But we’re talking about portable devices here, and as far as I remember, Nintendo has always trumped their competitors in terms of units sold. The closest was Siny with their PSP, but even that got beat out by the DS by quite the margin.

        1. I don’t have to “keep dreaming.” It’s a fact that nothing built by humans is unbeatable. Empires, companies, what have you come and go. There were people that once thought Nintendo couldn’t be beaten in the home console market either, once upon a time, and look how that went: they’ve lost to Sony on 3 separate occasions and came pretty close to losing to Sega during the SNES/Genesis era. And the sad truth is the Wii U lost to the Xbox One, not just the PS4, which is most likely at least at 30m.

      1. From NES onwards, the N’s monopoly on home consoles weakened over time, whereas with handhelds it gets stronger. And losing to SEGA? Don’t make me laugh. This is the company that managed to lose 40000M yen in one year. With such bad management they could never beat the big N. And by the way, the N isn’t your ordinary company to come and go. The N is here for centuries and it won’t go away anytime soon.

        1. Clearly you don’t know your history. The Super Nintendo barely beat Sega Genesis. So yes, Sega came pretty close to beating Nintendo that gen. So it’s not as funny as you think. Anyway, there will come a day that someone, somewhere is gonna beat Nintendo at portable gaming. You can pretend Nintendo can’t lose but history says otherwise.

      2. Ah, I see you can’t read. My point with Sega wasn’t about the fact the SNES had better results (as you seem to understand my response), but about the fact that Sega had bad management and therefore was destined for bankruptcy sooner or later. This is the major difference between the N and SEGA – SEGA experimented a lot, whereas the N was more conservative. This helped them in a long run. And by the way, no one wants to get into portable gaming nowadays. The market is much smaller than the home consoles’ one and it’s much more difficult to develop a good portable system than to develop a successful home console, with home consoles you just have to take some budget gaming PC, label it Xbox and you are ready to go.

  18. Yea, that’s a claim they should have kept quite about.

    $900 price range alone kills it. Switch is $250 and you know it has games made for it including from Nintendo themselves.

    And this? Looks like it will only run mobile games. That’s quite some fancy specs just for running some mobile games. Games you can already play on a good smartphone that is much cheaper.

    What was the target audience for this again?

  19. Hhahahahaha, that’s funny. I love these attacks XD
    It is good to have a ‘rival’ or competitor, good for market, good for consumers, more pressure for nintendo to make better games and so on.

  20. It boasts a bigger screen, sure, but that’ll not mean anything when about 1/4 to 1/3 of it will go to making buttons to make up for the missing half of the controller. Also, it’s higher end is 6GB of RAM (presumably, it just says 6GB) so that with a 5000 mAh vs the switch’s 4310 mAh the battery life is going to be worse than the switches.

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