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UK: Long-Running Video Game Magazines GamesTM And GamesMaster Shut Down

It seems like an end of an era for video game print magazine as two of the UK’s long-running video game magazines have announced that they are shutting up shop. Those magazines are EDGE’s rival GamesTM and the informative GamesMaster. Future, who own both magazine, have announced that the staff will be merged with other publications. GamesTM launched in 2002 and GamesMaster launched way back in 1993.

“Despite the company’s strong performance overall, unfortunately GamesTM and GamesMaster are no longer profitable parts of the business,” Future said.

“The decision was an extremely difficult one, but everyone here is enormously proud of what the magazines have achieved in their lifetimes.”

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19 thoughts on “UK: Long-Running Video Game Magazines GamesTM And GamesMaster Shut Down”

  1. A sign of changing habits unfortunately. I used to love getting videogame magazines when I was growing up and they were the only source of news before the internet became ubiquitous. For anyone interested there is a Switch specific magazine available on patreon called Switch Player that scratches that nostalgic itch for a magazine.

      1. Maybe so but I’m from England and Switch Player is based here. I don’t even think Nintendo Force ships outside of North America. Thanks for the recommendation though

      2. Indeed, I had one issue from Switch Player and when it arrived I felt scammed. It’s very tiny, low page numbers and it looks like it’s made in some basement. The printing comes from some home made printer and they just flip it in 2 and done.

        Nostalgic, LOL !

        The free magazine on my toilet about food has more pages and is professional printed.

        Everyone who owns only owns one and never ordered again, it’s really low, lazy and amateur looking.

        I would not be surprised that those hyping this magazine here and on other Nintendo sites are the guys who sell them in their basement or pay the site for marketing.

        It’s bad guys, trust me.

      3. Here is a real trustworthy tip without backhand deal, ORDER ONE ON EBAY from Nintendo Magazine from the PAST YEARS, that’s real nostalgia to read and look at again.

      4. And the one from the past from Ebay is also way cheaper than Switch player.
        If you buy these kitchen robots you get this little amateur made booklet instructions. Switch force is the same but looks like printed on a home printer in color.

        DO NOT RECOMMEND, I got fooled by the sites promoting it for shekels ( says enough how sh*** these sites are )

    1. a sign of changing habbits yes 15 years ago thet fact this is happening now 15 yrs later is bizarre magazines LOLOLOLOL DO I PAY FOR THEM IN SHINEY STONES at the magazine cave

    1. The UK is a huge market for games, and a look at any statistics will tell you as much. Games magazines of course are dying – frankly I’m very surprised these ones have lasted all the way until now.

    2. How many videogame magazines are there where you live then? I doubt there’s many left. It’s got nothing to do with how popular games are and everything with how people get their news these days

    3. lol cares about print you mean but nice try LOL its 2018 newspapers and mags have zero place in are culture and society its 2018 not 1918 newspapers died 10 yrs ago

      star sun in uk like 5p 10p a copy because no one is interested

  2. That’s sad to hear. I love getting GameInformer every month (and things in the mail in general), so it’s sad to see the rest of my generation moving on from the physical.

  3. Should have made a website and charged a low-rate fee for using it. Some newspapers did just that here in the states, like the New York Times. It’s a nice “back-up plan” for if the day ever comes that your newspapers stop selling.

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