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UK Charts: 82% Of Starlink: Battle For Atlas Launch Sales Were On Nintendo Switch, Game Arrives At Number 14

We have just published this week’s UK charts and you can see how everything fared here. One interesting thing to note about Starlink: Battle for Atlas, which arrive at number fourteen in the all-formats chart, is that eighty-two percent of sales of the game were on the Nintendo Switch system.

“However, we can already tell which platform might prove the most popular. 82% of Starlink’s launch sales came on Nintendo Switch, with just 10% coming on PS4 and 9% on Xbox One. The Switch version of the game features exclusive toys and characters based on Nintendo’s Star Fox series.”




  1. Well obviously . The other formats don’t stand a chance when there’s exclusive content for switch with starfox and it’s pretty well made as well. I’m sure Ubisoft was probably expecting this.

      1. Yeah I think the marketing played a huge factor. I honestly kept forgetting it was also out for PS4 and XB1 since the Star Fox content was so heavily emphasized. Plus having exclusive content really does help. If Nintendo allows more third party companies to use their characters like this we can see a huge increase of games on the Switch.

  2. Ubisoft did a good job putting this good looking game on the switch. I especially like how the sunlight shines and reflects off the shiny grey metallic hull of the Arwing, in space and on planets!

    But….I wish the digital versions of the weapons were not so expensive. Like 2-3$ would be nice.

  3. 101%… maybe its just 81% for bug n.
    okay for switch its a good game the other consoles have others like tomb raider, spiderman and co.
    so thats why starlink is just on the switch. the switch dont have any tripple A games and thats sad.

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