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Trine 4 Announced For Nintendo Switch

Modus Games and Frozenbyte are set to release Trine 4 next year for Nintendo Switch. The actual series has sold over 8 million copies worldwide which is quite an achievement. The fourth game in the franchise is due sometime in 2019.

“We are absolutely thrilled to embark on this journey with Frozenbyte,” said Christina Seelye, CEO of Modus Games. “There’s no doubt Trine 4 will be the game players have been asking for.”

“Trine 4 is going to be the best in the series,” said Lauri Hyvärinen, CEO of Frozenbyte. “We have rekindled our love for the franchise, heard and seen the fan feedback, and our hearts are set on exceeding those expectations. Trine is back!”

Source: PR

Thanks to Gruntilda for the news tip!

14 thoughts on “Trine 4 Announced For Nintendo Switch”

          1. Yeah, I just saw a trailer for the Switch version that came out a day ago.

            But when I did look up the game, the only platforms that showed up were PS4 and PC. Probably because it wasn’t released on Switch yet.

          1. I guess Trine 3 was made when they didn’t know about the Switch and not that easy to port as it’s really a visually beautiful game. With T4 they have obviously had the Switch in mind from the beginning of the production. That’s fine by me, I like an optimized game over a rushed port and it’s really not like the Trine games would differ that much from each other, I can absolutely live without 3 as T4 might really be T1-3 with better visuals.

            Looking forward to this

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