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Fear Effect Reinvented Coming To Nintendo Switch Playable During Paris Games Week 2018

Forever Entertainment has announced that Fear Effect Reinvented is Switch bound and is due to be released this year. Developer Sushee say that the game will be playable during the Paris Games Week 2018 which begins on the 26th October until the 30th of October 2018.

Fear Effect Reinvented is a refreshed version of the original Fear Effect. The original version of the game had launched in 2000 and was well recognized by both players and critics, thanks to which around one million copies of Fear Effect were sold worldwide. The new version will be characterized by a completely new graphics in accordance with today’s standards and a few gameplay modifications, making the game more appealing for today’s players, while remaining faithful to the original story-wise.


Thanks to onealfgarcia for the tip!

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  1. We already knew this, but it completely went quite about this game. Glad to hear it’s coming, and this year already????

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