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Team Sonic Racing Delayed Now Coming 21st May 2019

We haven’t really seen too much of Team Sonic Racing which was supposed to be released this winter. SEGA has now confirmed to IGN that the game from Sumo Digital has been delayed. It will now arrive on the 21st of May 2019. The team ultimately wants to make sure it is a great product and this delay will allow them to fine tune everything. Here’s the statement SEGA sent to IGN.

“Team Sonic Racing is the ultimate blend of arcade and fast-paced competitive style racing, featuring your favorite characters and environments from across the Sonic Universe. To deliver the highest quality experience to fans, SEGA has decided to delay the launch of the title.

During this additional time, SEGA and Sumo Digital will continue to hone the title to enhance the player experience to ensure Team Sonic Racing delivers the best gameplay experience possible.

We understand that many fans were looking forward to a Winter release and apologize for any inconvenience caused. We’re confident that with this additional time our teams will ensure delivering an unforgettable experience that fans can enjoy for years to come. Team Sonic Racing is now set to be released on May 21, 2019.”


Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for the news tip!

41 thoughts on “Team Sonic Racing Delayed Now Coming 21st May 2019”

  1. It’s a freakin’ racing game! Why the delay!?

    I guess the DLC update for Sonic Mania is the sole new game for this year (mobile games don’t count)….

    1. “It’s a freakin racing game” he says.

      You obviously are ignorant to how much work it takes to making a good game.

      1. Or any game for that matter. The problem is people think just because a game is a sports or racing game or even a shooter that they come with little to no work. FIFA, Madden, WWE 2k, Call of Duty, etc might be yearly releases but they still take some work to make.

      2. Well they didn’t have to delay a racing game before. And yet they still rushed out Forces after four years of nothing.

        For this added delay, they better add more notable content, such as more characters (especially the requested only we haven’t seen in years).

  2. Wasn’t planning on buying it, but that stinks for anyone who was looking forward to this game. Now they have to wait an additional 5 months from its old release date in December.

    Thank goodness Nintendo released a trailer confirming Smash Ultimate’s release date being December 7th. I don’t think I could wait any longer for that game.

    1. +Murabito of the Stars
      Normally I would have been unhappy with this but given Smash Bros Ultimate comes out in December, I honestly don’t care.

  3. The delay is fine by me. I thought it already looked good, but I wouldn’t mind extra polish. I hope we get extra DLC characters though. The roster is kinda lacking imo.

        1. It took a while for him to grow on me. I didn’t think much about him when I first beat it.

          Also, Forces really does him lame. He has the potential to be a really good villian. I mean, you can see the kinda threat he posed to Sonic and the others. He could have straight up ended Sonic if he wanted to.


    1. Infinite deserved better! Also, Shadow needed to be in the game more as an integral playable character for the story as Infinite could have became Shadow’s recurring villain since Shadow is the reason Infinite let Eggman use him as a guinea pig.

      1. Maybe you should heed your own words. Assuming one thing & then insulting someone for your assumption is an immature act, bub. (I should know as I have had my own moments of committing such acts of immaturity.)

        Anyway, I love Sonic Forces and the game deserves better. As for Sonic Mania, I don’t care one way or the other about that game as I have no intention of buying it. (Not for the long foreseeable future, anyway.)

        1. I thought Forces was just okay. I mean, I don’t hate it like some other and I personally think it’s better than Lost World, at least. But, that’s not saying much. It really deserved better.

          Mania on the other hand is my second favorite behind 3&K. It’s amazing.

          1. I tend to like Sonic games that some or most tend to hate. Love Shadow the Hedgehog and now I can add Sonic Forces to that list so the Shadow game isn’t alone now. If I ever have a chance, I might play Sonic ’06 just to see how bad it really is for myself and see if it will be Most Hated Sonic Game #3 That I Personally Like. lol

    1. To be fair, Nintendo doesn’t have exclusive rights to kart racing so Sega can copy it with their own kart racer all they want. Sony, Microsoft, Capcom, Square Enix, EA, 2K, etc could make their own kart racing games if they wanted.

      1. @Choopy – So you would be okay with Mario Kart being the *only* kart racing game series? Does that mean you would never play another platformer that wasn’t Super Mario? Another fighting game that wasn’t Street Fighter? Another RPG that wasn’t Final Fantasy?

        1. Actually, Dragon Warrior (1986) aka Dragon Quest in the west) came out a year before Final Fantasy (1987) in Japan. In North America, Dragon Quest released in 1989 and Final Fantasy released in 1990.

  4. How can i buy this game if cream the rabbit is not playable? I also want the Babylon rogues. If they can’t find partners for cream, then they should just use the robots from sonic riders.

      1. If Infinite wasn’t a freaking lackey in Sonic Forces, was the main villain, and they introduced two guys working under Infinite, he could have his own separate team with him as leader.

  5. Amy’s team members are undesirable to me. I want egg man and metal sonic, but the technique character will probably be disappointing, like a generic egg pawn with a jetpack. I don’t hate amy rose.

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