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Video: Yooka-Laylee 64-Bit Mode Coming Soon

Playtonic has given fans of Yooka-Laylee a glimpse of the game’s 64 bit mode which is meant to portray the game as it would be if it was available on the classic Nintendo 64. The mode is called 64-Bit Tonic and is activated in the game. Take a watch at the blurry and nostalgic visuals down below.



    1. He’s talking about the messages and drawings that appear above people’s heads in the plaza (what Miiverse used to do on the original Splatoon). Of course when he says “sexual favours and gay fantasies” what he means is that there might be a picture of an inkling saying “LGBT pride” or something like that. I would personally not have any concerns about children of any age seeing that but to each their own.


    1. Actually, they got the textures right. Those are for sure N64 textures.. but without the low polygons to go with it, it’s just not the same..


  1. All you do is turn off anti aliasing. The filter makes it look nothing like the N64. I’m playing on right now on my 55″ tv, so this isn’t nostalgia blindness.

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  2. N64 games did not look this smooth. Not even games that were meant for N64 and got moved to the Gamecube were this smooth as they still retained some of the blockyness of N64.


  3. looks so bad, they are trying so hard to be cool with the whole banjoo N64 fanboys, save your money for a real N64 and rare game, this is garbage


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