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GameStop: “Get $200 Trade Credit When You Trade Your Nintendo Switch Towards A New Nintendo Switch”

Kotaku has discovered a strange offer on “the trade-in page of Gamestop’s website”. At the top of the current list of trade offers and values, you can trade your Nintendo Switch towards a new Switch and get $200 trade credit. It seems odd that GameStop is offering to trade a Switch for another Switch, and the fine-print does not help clarify things either.

Well, GameStop commented about the matter to Kotaku, confirming that the offer isn’t exactly what their website is saying. In fact, the offer is “targeted toward [people] who may want to updated to one of the newly release Nintendo Switch bundles such as the Nintendo Switch Diablo III Eternal Collection. They may want to get a new Switch console with a custom feel”. Is the offer worth it? Kotaku says that “it is not worth trading in your current Switch and then paying another $160”. A screenshot of the offer, as seen on their website, is down below.


54 thoughts on “GameStop: “Get $200 Trade Credit When You Trade Your Nintendo Switch Towards A New Nintendo Switch””

    1. You can do a system transfer for free. You just can’t locally backup your save data, if you have the online subscription you can cloud save select games but other than that a full system transfer is possible.

      1. Did you ever think that maybe his GameStop doesn’t allow people to do system transfers inside the store when they are trading in their old system? Of course, it’s pretty obvious this is the case at his GameStop since he has this issue to begin with. So no. He can’t just do a system transfer.

    1. I’m pretty sure they allow a transfer into the store, please stop spreading fear and nonsense because you can’t afford one now. Thanks

      1. I really don’t think its about not affording one. Me myself I own a switch and see no need to purchase a new one especially when a new version will be releasing next year probably. Even then to me its not about affording one as I will purchase a new one for myself at that time if the upgrade is worth it and gifting mine old one to a family member.
        In the end it is about taking the chance for people. Me I save all my info on a sd card and back it up on my pc every now and then so as far as transfering it is no problem. Most people do not know how to do this though and don’t trust people to transfer their data that they don’t want to lose. So for you to be a troll on here and assume people cannot afford it is stupid. If you get one fine but paying 160 for something you already have just to get a different look is not at all a good idea.

      2. It seems you can’t read, Dustin. megamansurvives wrote “If only my Splatoon 2 data was saved into a server. I’d trade for the Smash bundle …”. To that Derik del replied that he (megamansurvive) can transfer the save data in the store and therefore he trade his Switch in for the Smash one without losing his data. He then states his opinion that megamansurvives can’t afford to buy a new Switch and therefore he spreads this misinformation intentionally so that no one can buy it, which pretty dumb theory by the way. The reason why you act like the Derik‘s reply was meant to you and go on to explain that you have the money but don’t want to buy the Switch is completely unknown to me.

      3. Just because your GameStop might allow this doesn’t mean others do it. Please stop spreading the belief that just because your store does it that every store does it when that’s just not true.

      4. i would do the deal considering i collect joycon and will have to have them shipped from japan anyways, this way i get the joycon AND a dock with a design. yay smash bros.

  1. What is Mynintendonews opinion on the whole Nintendolife drama with Alex copying other people’s work from Vanburen20 reviews ?

    Nintendolife even asked tuber Vanburen20 to delete his video or at least pin a comment for recovery from this mess

    I think it’s time nintendolife viewers migrate to good sites with original content like this one, just an opinion.

    1. Nintendo First Order Recruiter Zscout1288

      I left them after they released 3 article in the row saying the same information an started to double down on their click bait titles

      1. Well, due to the fact that New 3DS has bigger screen and majority of the games have the same resolution on both the original and the New 3DS games on the original 3DS look better. Don’t forget that better is always relative and depends on your POV. And about the “more powerful” part of his comment, that’s of course nonsense if we take power as processing power. And by the way Infinite Ridley, due to the fact that the 3DS is completely different from the PS4 (no battery, no screen(s), no camera, no microphone (not integrated in the console itself to be precise) the comparison you made isn’t suitable for use in discussion about the old and New 3DS.

        1. Both are meant to be upgrades to their base forms which have more processing power, so the comparison is pretty suitable. It doesn’t matter if one is a home console and the other is a handheld. The point still stands.

  2. False, you’re trading in your current switch and spending another $100 on top of the $60 for the game you were going to buy anyway. That’s actually a pretty fair deal for a hardcore fan who really likes the special edition, but can’t afford a second switch.

    1. The new 3ds is more powerful and offer almost nothing to do with that power. I think it will be the same with this newer model, if it has more power

      1. The crucial difference between the 3DS and the Switch is that you don’t usually port games to the 3DS whereas to the Switch you do. Therefore, while the New 3DS had no use for the added power, the new Switch model will be heavily used by 3rd parties to run newer and graphically more intense games on it.

  3. Why are so many people confused? In November alone there are THREE special edition Swithces releasing. This promotion is for people who want to get one of those, but already have a Switch. I’m considering doing this for the Diablo or Smash Switch. :)

  4. This is a great deal, actually, if you get exactly 200 bucks worth of trade-in credit. That’s 200 bucks off of a new Switch. So you just pay 100 bucks out of pocket for the Switch if you are getting a Switch that doesn’t have a game bundled with it. If you are buying one with a game bundled in, that’s just an extra 20-60 bucks to add onto the 100 bucks.

    The problem is some games on Switch aren’t compatible with cloud saves. Like Splatoon. If you want to carry over your online progress, you HAVE to do a system transfer and not all GameStop stores will allow you to do this in-store so you basically will miss out on the 200 credit trade-in as you have to buy a new Switch, take it home, do a system transfer, and then take the Switch you want to get rid of back to GameStop but then you can only get in-store credit which will be far less than the trade-in credit.

  5. this is good, i can save a bit more money on buy a new switch, the current one is kind of broken thanks to my cousins mistreating it when ever they come over. I haveeee to let my cousins play my switch because my parents told me “sharing is caring” but eh, thank god i read this, I was literally about to a new switch tomorrow at Walmart, now i can go to gamestop and i have everything saved to my cloud and sd card, so i can know everything i have saved isnt lost

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