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Here Is Super Mario Odyssey Hint Art #18

Nintendo has released another new piece of Super Mario Odyssey Hint Art. By now, you know what these pictures are all about. The image indicates a spot in a specific kingdom where you can find buried treasure. Once you locate the spot, you need to perform a Ground Pound on that spot to dig up the treasure. An official tweet for the Hint Art can be seen down below.

7 thoughts on “Here Is Super Mario Odyssey Hint Art #18”

  1. Awesome. The past few have been ones you could figure out in 2 seconds so either I’m deadheaded from illness or we got a tricky one.

  2. This form of dlc is poor. I co pletie odyssey to 100%, king costume and hat to peach castle. I dont need another hidden hunt art. I need one new level and at least real Mario and peach wedding ;D

    1. Oh noooo someone is mad he can’t tell us the solution for this puzzle, go cry somewhere else about your problems dude, this is a post for soling the puzzle. Go find some friends you can talk to instead is spreading your hate here behind your fake account, sick of these losers here.

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