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Video: “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Available 12.7.2018” Trailer

If you have been trying to avoid today’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leaks, then don’t worry. This video is an official one that was released by Nintendo of America moments ago, and it promotes the game’s December 7th release date. The video doesn’t contain any new information, but if you want to see it for yourself, we’ve included it for you down below.


21 thoughts on “Video: “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Available 12.7.2018” Trailer”

  1. I’m still not the least bit excited for this game, even though I have it preordered. If I don’t hear about some really cool single player modes soon, I’m tempted to cancel my preorder. Heck, I won’t have time to play it this year anyway. With Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Red Dead Redemption 2 (among others), I’m all booked for this year and beyond.

    1. Most of the world does DD-MM-YYYY
      So 7th of December.

      It makes more sense to me as it’s in order of size, so small unit, middle unit, big unit instead of medium, small, bigg.

      1. From a software engineer’s perspective, it actually makes the most sense to order dates from “biggest” to “smallest” – year/month/day (then /hour/minute/second). So 2018/12/7, but everyone knows what year it is, so 12/7 works for me.

    2. I was thinking: “NO HAVE THEY DELAYE–” Oh, wait… it’s December 7th and not July 12th xP
      Always though day/month/year was the most logical one. The numbers that changes the most first, then the second most and then the year which everyone knows lol.
      A decent amount of Norwegians even counts number likes this: 142 = “One hundred and two and forty”. I HATE it when people does that XD Start with the biggest and downwards, or smallest and upwards. Don’t mix it! XD

    1. It makes sense, Brawl was announced before Sakurai himself was even asked to make it. Ultimate was announced while it was way on production. Nintendo is better at this overall, how many Delays have there been for first party Switch titles?

  2. I can’t believe this never ocurred to me before … why aren’t all of Megamans alternate colors the other Megamen (as seen in his final smash) like Bowser Jr’s are the Koopalings?

    1. Because then they would have to change the Final Smash, the other ones are different sizes, would have different movesets, different properties, so weights, speed etc. The list goes on. It wouldn’t make any sense.

      1. The Koopalings are not all the same size, and they Do come out for the up B attack. Also, all you would need to change about the final Smash is who is standing in front.

        Megaman doesn’t really kick or punch, so ‘reach’ would be irrelevant, and slightly varied hit- boxes would just make him a ×6 echo fighter. No need to change his moveset. They all have arm cannons. I would LOVE to play as Protoman.

  3. I still remember everyone’s hype after they saw that firy Smash Bros. logo at the end of the March Nintendo direct this year.

    Now here we are, 8 months later and we only have about a month left until Smash Ultimate releases and the long wait for one of the most hyped games this year will finally be over.

    1. Actually, there are numbers that states people are more hyped for CoD and Red Dead Redemption 2, but I myself couldn’t care less about those games xP Looking forward to SMIIIIRSH!

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