Nintendo Switch

Video: Nintendo Switch – Come Together And Play Anytime, Anywhere Advert

Nintendo has unleashed a new trailer highlighting the Nintendo Switch and its excellent portability factor for the autumn. It shows how the system can be enjoyed with friends anywhere and anyplace. If you’ve yet to purchase a Nintendo Switch then Nintendo hopes it can win you over with its latest advert.


  1. trying to argue the box and dualshock concept vs the switch is some serious level MENTAL disturbance

  2. What is Mynintendonews opinion on the whole Nintendolife drama with Alex copying other people’s work like FILIP from IGN did ?

    I think it’s time nintendolife viewers migrate to good sites with original content like this one, just an opinion.

  3. Today at 2pm to 10 Am i play in order: Mario oddisey, Fortnite,Overcook 2 and Splatoon, in all his morphes (Tv mode, Table top, Handheld mode). Nintendo Switch, what a good system. Im waiting for Stardew valley online.

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