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Mario Won’t Be Appearing In Wreck-It -Ralph 2

Those of you hoping to catch a glimpse of Mario in the forthcoming Disney movie Wreck-It-Ralph 2 will be disappointed to hear that he won’t be making an appearance in the sequel. The news was shared during a recent interview with Josie Trinidad (Head of Story), Jason Hand (Story Artist), and Natalie Nourigat (Story Artist). The reason he is not appearing is due to the fact that they do not have the rights for that particular character. It will be interesting to hear who makes it into the film which releases on the 21st of November 2018.

“Some of the stuff was that we don’t have rights to certain characters, because we’re working in a world of other people’s media. It’s like, that would have been really funny if we could have Mario [from Nintendo’s Super Mario games] in here doing this part, but it doesn’t end up working out because of that, and it’s fine and the story doesn’t actually end up needing it. But as individual bits, it’s like “That’s a great ‘Saturday Night Live’ bit!” Rich [Moore] and Phil [Johnston, the movie’s co-directors] are pretty much full of those things so it’s an endless amount of great ideas, honestly.”


30 thoughts on “Mario Won’t Be Appearing In Wreck-It -Ralph 2”

  1. I think people are taking this the wrong way. It just seems like they’re throwing out examples and they happened to use Mario. I think he could still very well be somewhere in the movie.

  2. UNBELIEVABLE! It’s bad enough the movie looks boring. But this confirms that it’s not worth watching. All of this time I thought Mario was definitely going to appear in this movie. Oh well, it still won’t stop all of the fools from going to the theatre to watch it. People waste SO much money going to theatres instead of just waiting for movies to release on DVD/Blu-ray. But that’s a different story.

    1. It doesn’t make sense money-wise, but going to a theater with friends or family is a unique experience.
      Unless your going to watch wreck it ralph 2.

    2. A lot of movies are far better to watch on the big screen.

      Star Wars doesn’t feel nearly as epic on a little TV as opposed to a big theater.

  3. I think the main reason for this is that Nintendo have recently signed a contract with Illumination Entertainment for the upcoming Mario movie, so the rights for Mario to appear in a Disney movie wouldn’t necessarily be possible from a contractual standpoint.

  4. Unbelievable! I was hoping to see a cameo of Mario, considering Bowser was in the original film. I guess I won’t be watching. Movie is going to flop.

  5. Let me guess: Mario had a full line of dialogue. Miyamoto got wind of this, and threw a massive 5-yeard old tantrum over the whole thing.

    Fine. I actually enjoyed the first movie, and I’m STILL going to go see this, just to have something decent to see in theaters and hope/pray that it doesn’t succumb to the typical sequelitis. And I’d rather see this than Inside Out, Coco, or The Incredibles 2 (yeah that’s right, I fucking said it, brawl me).

    And besides, we still have the Mario movie being developed by Illumination. I just hope that it uses the CGI art-style from the Mario games (like Odyssey, I do not want them to resemble characters from the Despicable Me universe), no bad Pontaff/millennial writing (or anything of the like), and Mario has a healthy about of dialog (like any protagonist in a film).

    However, in terms of exposure in other mediums (besides Nintendo games), it seems like Mario is almost elusive as Mew was in Gen I.

    1. People were initially expecting this when it was announced he was planned to be in when Wreck It Ralph 2 back in 2015 or so, but I started having my doubts when they revealed the storyline was more focused on the internet and not video games.

  6. So its about games, same as the first… Yet they wont show gamings biggest character? … Ill miss this film i think, super dissapoint

  7. If enough footage leaks online, i’ll save my money for some nintendo switch games instead such as bayonetta 3, new super mario u deluxe, team sonic racing, dynasty warriors 8, resident evil 4, smash bros, senran kagura, and pokemon 2019.

  8. I thought the first was overrated, it was fine until it turned into the Candy Crush movie. This one looks even less interesting.

  9. Considering the entire sequel is focusing more on trendy internet BS instead of gaming, I would say I am glad for this.

  10. Well, this is disappointing. All of us are expecting him to appear in the second film but it seems like it won’t be happening since the company don’t own the rights to these characters.

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