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US: Select Limited Run Games Will Be At Best Buy – Yooka-Laylee And Golf Story

Limited Run Games has expanded and are now offering a select collection of their physical games at North American chain Best Buy. The company has confirmed that the two games which you’ll be able to purchase are Yooka-Laylee and Golf Story. They have also teased that another title, which has yet to be revealed by Limited Run Games, will also get the treatment.

“As of about 10 days ago, Best Buy has finally confirmed their orders with us for Yooka-Laylee, Golf Story, and an upcoming game (which has not been announced by us at all – rest assured it is not a past title or something that is currently available from us).”

Source: PR

7 thoughts on “US: Select Limited Run Games Will Be At Best Buy – Yooka-Laylee And Golf Story”

    1. Well….. duh. You’re paying for a small print run item with a narrow market being sold by a retailer who also needs to get paid. The whole point of limited run games is that there’s a market who would prefer that to having no access to a physical copy at all.

  1. such a strange pergatory for these games when you see things like shovel knight et. al. with major physical releases. bethesda has an amiibo, Squeenix has one, and yep, even yacht club games gets a suite of 3. so i don’t agree with the LRG model. it’s not very accessible in Canada. Glad they are making a deal with best buy, but like i know in my heart they will ask for more. the worst part about owning the switch is the mf Switch Tax

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