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Bethesda Teases Possible Wolfenstein: Youngblood Port For Nintendo Switch

Bethesda have so far been great supporters of the Nintendo Switch porting some of their biggest franchises to the system. While the company said we won’t be getting Fallout 76 on the platform, it seems as though they have another Wolfenstein title in the works for Nintendo’s latest system and the likely hood is that it is Wolfenstein: Youngblood. The game hasn’t been officially confirmed for the Nintendo Switch as of yet, but a reveal should be more than likely.

“During the panel, Hines teased that “the next Wolfenstein” game is also coming to Switch. That’s intriguing because the new standalone game Wolfenstein: Youngblood is only confirmed for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There is also a third major Wolfenstein coming, but no platforms have been announced yet. It appears Hines was referring to one or both of these games.”


Thanks to PS4/Switch master race for the news tip

3 thoughts on “Bethesda Teases Possible Wolfenstein: Youngblood Port For Nintendo Switch”

  1. I predict that it’s both and I suspect due to the backlash from the second game, the third game will be less preachy and more “Killin’ Nazis”.

    I found the second to be fun, but damn the plot was terrible. The first ones plot was cheesy but it worked, the second incorporated too much modern politics into the game, also, it’d be interesting if they actually kill off a large portion of the cast from the second game that alot of people had issues with.

    1. The plot wasn’t terrible. The story was really good. The best part, in fact! The problem was the gameplay which was not very fun.

      And this came not too long after Doom, which was a blast to play.

      My favorite part of the game was the story. I slowly inched my way through the game just to see what would happen next and the things standing between me finding out were bland enemy designs, not knowing who or what was shooting at me (because of low hit detection sensitivity), uninspired yet highly repetitive combat, and an almost nonexistent navigational system which made it difficult to find “where” to go next.

      I’d definitely play another Wolfenstein game if the gameplay is improved. Bethesda could take a page out of their Doom handbook to break up the gameplay, if I’m being honest.

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