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The Last Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct Coming 1st November 2018

Tune in on Thursday, Nov. 1 at 7 a.m. PT for a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, which will feature approximately 40 minutes of new information on the game. Additionally, once the Direct concludes, stay tuned for a Nintendo Treehouse: Live, featuring live gameplay of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!, Yoshi’s Crafted World, and Diablo III: Eternal Edition.

Watch the stream here:

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96 thoughts on “The Last Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct Coming 1st November 2018”

    1. The Direct isn’t the leak he’s referring to. A big leak of smash-related information dropped recently, supposedly revealing the entire character roster. This Direct will either confirm or refute the leak.

    2. I sincerely can’t help hoping that REAL content gets added. Characters are great but what’s the point in a billion characters when there’s hardly anything to do with them? Smash4 suffered dreadfully from this; a bunch of characters, yet it seemed like there was nothing to do with them. Both offline and online play were butchered, most vivid of all (offline content), was the exclusion of the adventure mode, this left the single player/offline content dry, especially after so many Smash fans were turned off at the lazy “Target Smash” mode and the arbitrary change to “Classic” mode. “Smash Run” was the only admirable thing but was only available on 3DS [while the WiiU got that useless “SmashTour”]. As for online… the modes were depressing and lazy, it seemed like online play was a mere after-thought during development. I’ve read that some people don’t really care for online play and a possible reason might be the fact that there was almost nothing great about it to begin with, so that obviously means the mode brings no attention. “For Fun/Glory modes” suck, some flaws are: •You can’t choose Mii characters, so all the costumes you earned or bought become virtually useless. •You can’t choose stages, so all the stages you earned and bought also become useless; this includes custom stages too. •You can’t activate custom attacks. •There’s a Horrid “report” system. •Disgusting Button lag in some matches. •Error Button-Inputs for “C-Stick” attacks (becomes a neutral jab). — The Friend section has a bit more freedom, but the variety of modes with friends is abysmal. The discontinued tourney mode was tedious and was a failure of a feature (after a couple of weeks it was empty and you had to pray to get at least one player to join). The entire online aspect of the game is just bland, sad, and flavorless… Why not add a co-op mode? Can you imagine a boss battle fight with your friend… it would be so cool. Or how about adventure mode with a friend? Online “special smash” would be great. A “Zombie Mode” would be innovative (one person out of 4 becomes a zombie while others have to avoid damage). “8 Player Smash” is a stretch, but why not 6 players? These are just some ideas off the top of my head… Ugh, I’m puzzled as to why there wasn’t any effort put into the online part of the game. There was so much potential but Nintendo just refused to go anywhere near it. And now I am deeply worried that SSB Ult. will echo the past with offline and online features [I don’t really have much reassurance from Nintendo, especially with the whole “online service” disaster].

      To put it all simply: I want real content. Everyone is clamoring and begging for a bunch of characters while missing the most important part: content to utilize those characters; They are useless with out real content. This is what people should actually be demanding for…

      1. Thats fine and it just for me i feel overload with smashed as they talked about it so much already. I rather hear news on other game i already have priority over smash or new stuff.

      1. I was thinking more about the people who got adamant and dug their heels in about saying the leak was fake. They might have been happier just seeing it revealed officially vs this order of events.

        Hopefully, after the direct, the community won’t be full of ‘I told you so!’s and instead well can all just reset to just being excited for the new game together.

        But… This is thr Smash community we’re talking about here so… Yeah.

      2. There’s more evidence for vs against it so far. Here’s a nice list some compiled that isn’t obnoxious written.

        -first time a chorus kids leak has had the conductor too, a very Sakurai like move
        – leak had autocad blue prints of 3D cylinder sign
        – leak had multiple copies of the banner
        – leak banner had tabs
        – leak had Grinch promotional items
        – leak had the same style of diagrams as the video that was removed
        – leak had promotional version of background empty (the kind found on promotional buses) instead of E3 background
        – leak had several characters completely moved around on banner
        – leak had every single character period slightly moved and with new modified shadows
        – leaker recorded a French 50 year old guys desk, when over 30 days ago a American with extreme inside knowledge leaked the exact same characters
        – the vast majority of leak had their trademarks recently renewed.
        – When confronted about the leak, instead of Erik saying that they did not work on Smash or Grinch promotional material, he instead said “I did not know my work was leaked.”
        – Leaked characters match what Sakurai has been doing with ultimate, a call back to roster picks, characters he always wanted in, and community favorites. Instead of unwelcomed newbies.
        – Roster is only adding 9 uniques (7 clones). Which is 16 total and still way less newcomers than last two games got. Keeping his word about less newcomers.
        – Golden Sun item found in game, Microsoft saying they would love to have Banjo Kazooie in game, Sakurai saying he wanted to put Geno in, Sakurai trying to squeeze Mach Rider in for years, Chorus Kids already created last game, etc These are not nobodies (with the exception of Ken/Shadow). These uniques have been fought for, for decades.
        – Insiders which knew nothing about roster, promoting stuff like prima leak and box theory. Magically all of a sudden know Grinch leak is 100% false and know the real roster. Yet refuse to show proof or evidence.
        – No actual proof has been found too debunk it such as finding online copies of the characters
        – the company that the leaks pictures were taken at, has also done Assassins Creed promotional materials that look exactly like the Smash ones
        – The remaining characters make a perfect CS screen with all characters visible, or echos hidden.
        – The remaining uniques would fill in the remaining missing stages to a 108 count.
        -Such a massive impressive leak that would get a “fake” creater endless fame. Yet no one has came forward.
        -Incineroar is NOT in the leak. If this leak was planned over a month (chadendorf leak). They would have added incineroar because everyone was 100% sure he was in. So the leaker would not want to risk a Nintendo reveal ruining his fake leak. No fake leaker would have skipped using incineroar.
        -Videos with leak getting monetary gains removed
        -the additional weird blobs created in background picture that make people think background is fake, are also found in the leaked banner. Look at Pichus face for a yellow 33% longer face tail punch from pikachu and between Falcon and Sheik for a green and tan ghost blob created from a small gen on his shirt sleeve. Basically the low quality snap chat video creates the artifacts.
        -A guy in the exact same industry as leaker said that bad pictures for instructions are normal and it is the norm to run stuff through photoshop and pop it out regardless of quality. That everyone looked completely legit and like he would expect prop instructions on a work bench too look like.

      1. My guess is assist trophy.

        Actually… I don’t know if this would be an awesome reference or a slap in the face to bandana dee fans… But if there’s a boss rush mode, it’d be funny to see one Waddle Dee in it like the original Arena in kirby

  1. If the leak is proved right this leak will be huge. All I’m hoping for is another big story mode like Brawl. Instant day 1 for me then. I never really cared for the online anyway in Smash since it’s more fun playing with people I know. Just give me my story mode.

    1. Yeah, never grasped the online part either. Prefer to play with friends as you say. I’ve already preordered, but I too would be very pleased with a singleplayer story mode.
      It will be interesting to see if the Grinch-leak is real. But kiiind of doubt it. Don’t think Nintendo want to promote Banjo as it’s a Xbox game; even if they’re quite buddy buddy with MS nowadays.

      1. My brother literally told me that if Banjo and Kazooie are in it he would buy a Switch just for this game. Most of the fond memories of Banjo are on Nintendo consoles and I think it would do more to draw Xbox owners attention to the Switch, rather than the other way around.

      2. If voice chat is allowed during matches & not limited to the waiting room, character selection, stage selection, mode selection, etc, playing with the right strangers could potentially be just as fun as playing with actual friends. Of course, with how bad voice chat is on the system itself (as in not even on the system but some stupid smartphone app,) the point is most likely moot, anyway.

  2. If a certain leak I will not mention right now (And tried avoiding but… couldn’t) is true, expect to see another article later mentioning how a certain someone got fired.

    Also if said leak is true, I have one baffling question I’ll get into after the official confirmation. Still treating it as fake until proven true like I did the ESRB leak.

    People really enjoy Photoshopping Little Mac.

    1. Might as well ask your question now because post-direct topics will probably be speculation about the Mystery mode (if it’s a story mode). Maybe DLC topics as well but… I assume most everyone will have come to terms with the roster and move on.

      1. I don’t want to ask on the off-chance the leak’s fake, but since you asked nicely…

        Why Chorus Kids over someone who’s been in every game? Karate Joe, The Wandering Samurai, Tap Trial Girl… I don’t understand why them of all characters. If it’s because of popularity, why not Wrestler & Reporter?

      2. Oh right. You’re avatar is from Rythmn Heaven isn’t it?
        I have no idea. That’s like the one nintendo series I haven’t played and I’ve just been assuming the Chorus Kids were like some kind of series staple to get picked.

      3. I tyought about it and my guess is Sakurai didn’t feel the need to add a Rythmn Heaven rep to Smash. Likely he just saw Chorus Kids, inspirstion struck, and he decided he could make some kind of unique fighter out of the concept. They are kind of like Duck Hunt… You just don’t know what madman Sakurai is planning with how this fighter plays.

      4. Chorus Kids were only playable in DS (Glee Club) and was one of the several songs brought back in Megamix. Karate Man and Samurai Slice have a playable variation in all games (And Built to Scale, but the Megamix one is just the Fever one, but how is a Gadget gonna be playable?)

        Tap Trial was playable in every game bar the DS version, and the Tap Trial Girl appears on the title screens of DS and Fever.

        I guess the Chorus Kids’ conductor being an ex-Clappy Trio member technically does mean that there’s someone who’s been in every game playable in Smash…? The Clappy Trio, like Tap Trial, was playable in every game but DS.

      1. I understand you quite well. I’m 110% onboard with the fact that Nintendo needs to step up their online game. If your plan is to collect all the throphies and stuff, you’ll need to have back-up. If you’re just going to fight friends, then this game doesn’t have that much to loose. Going to have to unlock some characters one more time ofc, but Smash is something you kind of carry within yourself. You’re honing you skills while you play, and some lost save data isn’t going to strip that away from you.
        That said… there is no real excuse to drop cloud save.

        1. My fear is they won’t have cloud saves because they’ll just tell us to buy the amiibo so we don’t have to go through the hard work of having to re-unlock characters again if our data is lost. That would be THE WORST reason to not have cloud saves for the game as it’s basically the same as doing this to us:

    1. Hopefully they also confirm that we’ll be able to unlock characters with amiibos, especially with non-Smash amiibos like the Animal Crossing ones. I want to start smashing as, Isabelle, ASAP.

      1. Non-Smash amiibo better let people unlock characters. ESPECIALLY considering certain Smash amiibo were very rare (like Lucina.) So unless they re-release them, some people won’t have much choice but to unlock them the old fashioned way.

      1. I heard they tried to add Incineroar and the devkit literally caught on fire and all the files were destroyed.

        I also heard they tried to add Skull Kid after that but then they found the devkit inside the water cooler jug and all the files had drowned.

  3. Come Bandana Dee see what’s inside that room

    Yes you have been chosen.

    Oh but what do we have here. One of our dearest friend from Ubisoft. Yes we need a legend like you…

    It seems there isn’t anyone le…
    I can’t believe it…
    But how…
    You’re saying that someone has free you from that prison? Man you have been there for 10 years.
    With you also in Smash it feels putting another piece of a puzzle and when you complete it there will be a door open for you.
    I only wish to see you back with them…

  4. Just announce story mode and that’s it, no spoilers and showing us the whole game before I buy it *ahem Odyssey* … Rather Metroid stuff or Starfox or F-ZERO

  5. sorry guys but we hade so much news about this game… we know everything from it… boring.
    i dont have the game but i feel like i own it.
    big n has one game coming…. uhhhh

  6. Tbh, I know it probably won’t happen, But can we get more Mother series reps before the game comes out?

  7. We got 2 Banjo games on Nintendo systems, AFTER Rare had already been purchased by M$. The idea that B&K couldn’t be in Smash because of the buyout really isn’t as extreme as some people seem to think.

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