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Fitness Boxing For Nintendo Switch Track List Revealed

Nintendo recently revealed that they have been working on Fitness Boxing for the Nintendo Switch encouraging us all to be active. The game’s tracklist has been revealed today and it features both new and older acts to give players a taste of everything. Artists revealed include Lady Gaga, Maroon 5 and T-Rex.





      1. Man, good think you were wrong on this one. Turns out that after this game sold a ridiculous amount, people who stuck with it recorded phenominal results.

  1. Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend? That song is over a decade old! What? Couldn’t find an Avril Lavigne song that’s more recent? I mean, Girlfriend isn’t a terrible song but still.

    Anyway, there are other good songs in there: Maroon 5’s Sugar and Moves Like Jagger, Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger, & Justin Bieber’s Baby. There might be more but I’m not about to listen to all of them to find out. Mostly just pointing out the ones I’ve already heard a few times before.

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