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Over 50% Of Nintendo Switch Online Users Went For The Annual Plan

Nintendo has revealed today that over 50% of those who purchased a Nintendo Switch Online plan opted for the annual plan. We don’t know the exact number of people who subscribed to Nintendo’s new Nintendo Switch Online subscription plan which has gone to head against the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live but at a cheaper price point.

12 thoughts on “Over 50% Of Nintendo Switch Online Users Went For The Annual Plan”

  1. I’d be more interested in knowing how many Switch users overall went for any online plan. I’m curious how big the disconnect is between the entire Switch install base versus the vocal part of the community.

  2. I don’t care how many went for an annual plan. I want to know how many went for the paid online as a whole. Gonna tell us all of this other stuff but hold back the amount of paid online users there are? Seems pretty fishy to me.

  3. The CEO of Nintendo looks like a fool in that picture, I don’t gave a feeling he will bring Nintendo in the next gen. More like Tim Cook apple and just milking out Steve Jobs vision so will this one copy Iwata.

    He comes from Europe after all, not really a continent for entreperneurship and moving forward in tech.
    Bad feeling about this guy, he looks stupid

    1. I’m glad someone had the courage to say it.

      He gives off a weird fish man vibe, kind of like the Salmonids from Splatoon 2.

      Must be the Nintendo-equivalent of Iizuka (Sonic).

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