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Fortnite Is Installed On “Nearly Half” Of All Nintendo Switch Systems

Epic Games Fortnite has been an incredible success with high viewer counts on Twitch and consumers spending plenty of the in-game currency V-bucks. Nintendo has revealed that the free-to-play Battle Royale game is currently installed on nearly half of the Nintendo Switch systems out there, which is quite some achievement.


13 thoughts on “Fortnite Is Installed On “Nearly Half” Of All Nintendo Switch Systems”

  1. I don’t understand the fortnite craze honestly. U spend like 10 minutes walking around and then get sniped from a mile away. Seems like a waste of time. I prefer cod style quick matches with smaller maps so that I can actually have some fun shooting at ppl but I guess times have changed.

    1. I rarely die on a sniper, I sometime snipe though,
      Usually people prefer to jump around and shotgun.
      That is pretty frustrating when there is no penalty of jumping around and shooting away.

    2. Cod is still here for casual players and you should try the disco domination mode on Fortnite it allows respawning although the mode will be for a limited time.

    3. I suck at Fortnite so it’s a bad game, COD and casuals in a nutshell.

      It’s not because you short attention span = bad game. Unbelievable you are even a gamer and love Nintendo since you always need many hours and skill before the real game shines. Are you sure you aren’t a Playstation interactive movie gamer and are on the wrong website ?

  2. Because it’s free. I have it on my switch but don’t play it anymore after 5-6 times. It’s really boring to me.

  3. Installed it. Played for over 100 hours. Sucked at it, but managed to steal a few battle royales by being sneaky and grabbing a one kill victory against the last, weakened opponent. (Lame, but my only chance at victory).Too uncoordinated to build fast. Reflexes too slow and inaccurate to win shotgun duels. Can’t snipe no matter how much I practice. Being wiped out by people who dedicate their lives to the game with zero chance of survival is frustrating …

    … but what made me uninstall the game was friendly fire trolling. The game is favored by toxic human beings. I like the game and world, and trying to get better is fun, but people actively going out of their way to give you a bad time make it not worth the trouble.

    When the environment poisoned me enough to start trolling back a troll with stink bombs, I uninstalled immediately and never played again.

    Have Fun TOGETHER or don’t play.

    That’s why I prefer Monster Hunter. You can only win by HELPING each other.

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