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Square Enix Announces “Dragon Quest Monsters Coming-Of-Age Ceremony” Broadcast

If you are a fan of the Dragon Quest Monsters series then you will want to tune into a special Dragon Quest Monsters Coming-of-Age Ceremony broadcast. This broadcast is taking place on the 6th of November at 8pm Japanese time. The broadcast includes two parts. One part will look at the series history and the second part takes a look at the future of the series and includes the following special guests:

  • MC: Ayana Tsubaki (talent)
  • Yuji Horii (game designer)
  • Taichi Inuzuka (Dragon Quest Monsters series producer)
  • Takamasa Shiba (Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light producer)
  • Yuuta Ashimine (Dragon Quest: Dokodemo Monster Parade producer)
  • Kento Yokota (Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age 3DS version producer)
  • Takeshi Uchikawa (Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age director)
  • Jin Fujisawa (Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker battle director)
  • Saito-V (V-Jump deputy editor)



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