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Nintendo Announces Piranha Plant Free For Super Smash Bros Ultimate Also An Amiibo Coming, Pre-Purchase Game Today

Nintendo has announced that Piranha Plant is a free character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. His release date hasn’t been confirmed just yet as they are still working on him as you saw in the Direct he is a versatile character and is available to those who purchase the game. Nintendo also announced that he will be getting his very own amiibo. You can pre-purchase the game in the Nintendo eShop now.



    1. Banjo can still be announce next year but my hopes are down after this direct. I believe we will get Minecraft instead


    1. AND Knuckle Joe!

      I’m actually impressed that Sakurai managed to pull off Pirahna Plant so well.

      If this character was leaked, NO ONE would’ve believed it.

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    1. You definitely can ‘but’ him afterwards and I don’t think amiibos unlock them unless they changed that for Ultimate. Their main use in Smash is to act as a “smart” A.I. mimicking a human.


  1. i want him but i dont wanna pre purchase. they’ll probably release him anyway via dlc like they did with mewtwo who was only suppose to be available if you had both copies of smash wii u and 3ds.


  2. When they said limited time and revealed it was a fighter, I feared the worst. Then they clarified after the reveal that it would be available free for a limited time. Which means he’ll be sold as paid DLC later on. (Unless they pull a fast one and have him only unlockable by way of the amiibo which itself will be sold for a limited time. In which case, I’m gonna be pissed all over again later on if this ends up being the case.)


    1. It depends of the who are these dlc characters. If those characters are modern FF characters I’m not gonna buy those.

      My hopes are still for:
      Bandana Dee
      Banjo and Kazooie

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  3. Banjo-kazooie please Microsoft, Rare and Nintendo. Can ya’ll forget about the past and do your contracts and get them in? Rare nor Microsoft isnt doing anything and Rare and Microsoft will be making revenue off a character they dont even use anymore.


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