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Online Battles Detailed In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

There are plenty of options when playing online in the upcoming Super Smash Bros Ultimate which will require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. You are ranked with GSP Scores and choose who you play against. Matchmaking will prioritize based on location so you’ll be playing against people near you. Elite Battles have been announced which is the highest ranked mode. You can send short messages that are preset against your various opponents and match making can run in the background. You can also have two players online on same system against a team against others. You can also voice chat using the Nintendo Switch Online app on your phone. There’s also Smash World which is a separate app which logs your progress.

10 thoughts on “Online Battles Detailed In Super Smash Bros Ultimate”

    1. What reason is that? You can use Discord for voice chat, parental controls are on the system itself, and taking pictures & videos can easily be done without the app. Oh and you can use Facebook to share them by simply uploading the stuff onto your computer than uploading it onto Facebook.

      So I still see no reason to get their stupid app.

    1. Welcome to the world of TECHNOLOGY EVOLUTION. You’ll just have to adapt it and accept it. Get used to it is the way of the world.

      1. No it’s not. This is technology retardation as every system (including Wii and Wii U) had voice chat built in. Hell! Even the 3DS and 2DS have the feature in the system. Nor do we have to accept it. Nintendo is the ones that need to adapt and accept that this isn’t what any consumer not having their head up a company’s ass wants. The app is trash.

        I’ll say it again. Fuck! This! App! Discord and Skype are 10x better than Nintendo’s shit voice chat app because least they aren’t exclusive to smartphones.

  1. I’m sorry but nobody cares about the app or wants to care. I don’t understand why voice chat and all of those features aren’t built into the system or game.

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