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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Will Have Downloadable Content

Downloadable content is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It was confirmed in the Smash Direct that “more fighters, stages, and music tracks” will be on the way as paid DLC. Each set will include a fighter, a stage, and multiple music tracks. There will not be any Echo Fighters. Each pack will cost $5.99, and there will also be a Fighters Pack for $24.99. A couple of tweets can be seen down below.

71 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Will Have Downloadable Content”

  1. I’m a little iffy on them not revealing even *one* of these DLC fighters, and to “put our confidence in the fighter pass.” I think that might indicate even they’re not sure about the choices.

      1. Petey Piranha is going to be free DLC (for a limited time), the pass specifically states the paid DLC which implies that Petey is not part of the pass.

      1. So strange they released the whole roster and every detail, like wtf it’s just fun when random pop up comes and you unlocked some fighter that suprise you.

        LAAAAME it’s all spoiled, can’t watch anything on the internet without getting spoiled

  2. Ugh, I knew it was gonna happen, but I was really hoping the Ultimate edition was being handled as a “Game of the Year” type complete edition and not a truly “new” entry. I just wanted one complete package experience with all the past fighters that will always be a complete game no matter when you go back to play it, since its confirmed we may never see another version of the game with every past character again. I guess now I have to hope that whatever system comes out after the Switch gets a complete port of Ultimate on it with everyone, cause I doubt they will release a complete edition of Ultimate again on the Switch.

    1. Personally, I’m more happy with Ultimate being a whole new game. Every past character is there with a bunch of new ones, Piranha Plant will be free DLC for early adopters, and the rest of the DLC characters won’t start development until after the game releases so there won’t be anything missing from the game at launch. Also, the Adventure Mode looks amazing and that was something Smash 4 was sorely missing. This is much better than just getting a port.

    1. It’s truly sad that Shantae didn’t make it, however, I still think that in the 74 (80 after all DLC) characters available, I can find someone to play as.

    2. You can’t find anyone you’re even remotely interested in out of a 74 character cast? I have a few words of advice then…

      Go outside and play some more video games.

    1. You already bought the game and you still complaining you want to get something , like wtf dude.
      Leave gaming please, because that’s not gaming, you sir need blizzard in your life and loot.

    1. *Ahem* Geno? Someone people have been clamoring for for YEARS!?

      He’d be one of my picks- the other 4 would be Krystal (upgraded from AT status and so we can FINALLY have a Star Fox fighter that doesn’t use the same base moveset), Impa (preferably in her Hyrule Warriors design to show that game some love), Waluigi (I have to now that a freaking WEED made the roster before he did), and Rayman (come on, he had a trophy in the past game and now we saw Rabbid Peach as a Spirit, just make him playable already!).

      I’d also like to see Elma/Lynn and Skells in Smash in some capacity- it boggles my mind that Nintendo seems to have gleamed right over Xenoblade X and skipped right to putting XC2 content in.

        1. You cannot shake my conviction for a playable Krystal! I’ve wanted that since Brawl!

          My case for Impa is: wouldn’t it be nice to have a non-Triforce-wielder on the roster? We could see some Sheikah techniques as well, some of which might be added to main Zelda games afterwards.

          1. Don’t ask too hard or they could fuck us over by having Tingle in instead. :/ Like how those of us wanting Skull Kid got the middle finger for the original Hyrule Warriors as Tingle got in instead. (I don’t give a shit if Skull Kid got in with the 3DS version & then the Switch version! FUCK TINGLE!!! I swear I’d be highly temped to set him on fire personally if he were real. Grr!)

      1. Krystal would be a nice consolation prize since Lyndis is an Assist Trophy again. As for Geno, he’s great but I was more enamored with having Bowser as a playable character in SMRPG. Not many games back then allowed you to actually use a villain as a playable character. (It’s why I’ve been such a big fan of Magus from Chrono Trigger.) Well fuck! Screw Crono! I want Magus! xD

      2. Krystal would work well wielding the staff from Dinosaur Planet. That right there offers three or all four special moves.

  3. So what does Ulitmate mean ? Kinda lame ! Ultimate DLC seller.
    Told you Nintendo is fooling you with the Smash Wii U port they sure gonna milk out everything from that engine.
    It’s not even ultimate, not everyone is avaiible, pay wall, they are worse than Call of duty

    Thanks Etika and stupid sheep defending this, in 20 years smash will be a joke.

      1. @Joshua doesn’t change the fact he is right and it’s indeed not ultimate if you still need to pay for more.
        EVERYONE IS NOT HERE ! it seems.

        1. The “Everyone is here!” tagline is for the fact all characters from every entry of Smash before Ultimate is in this one. New characters don’t factor into that tagline. Sorry you took the tagline far too literally.

      2. If the game was an ultimate edition, then you’d both be right. Seeing as how ultimate editions include all DLC.
        However, it is not an ultimate edition but subtitled Ultimate. thus, the DLC is still allowable.
        Plus, it takes two to five months off the release date.

        Or would you rather have 74 characters over 80.

      1. @PS4 MAster race calling others trolls doesn’t mean you are right and he is wrong, nice try, but try harder troll boy.

      2. Actually, Meh 0.0, PS4/Switch master race isn’t a troll boy. You really need to go pleasure someplace else except here.

    1. This is such a weak argument. They gave us 74 characters in the base game and you’re complaining because you think they’re forcing you to buy more?

      So weak argument on the basis that you can’t actually count.

    2. Alexander, the pretendo douche bag. You’re fucking saying that bullshit because Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be the #1 seller in Japan and the United States and possibly Multiplayer Game of the Year 2019.

  4. So, after all DLC has come out, we will have 80 characters, 108 stages and probably somewhere around 1000 songs.
    And you wonder why they call this Ultimate.

    1. “Everyone is here” after you wait a another year and payed more shekels.
      Ultimate was just a marketing name, I think you look into to much. IF it was on new engine they would call it Smash Switch

      1. REALITY CHECK, Meh 0.0… Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the REAL DEAL! Not a port. It’s a brand new Smash title completely built from the ground up by the same developers– Bandai Namco and Sora, Limited.

  5. Ubisoft is a better supporter to Nintendo than Capcom. Strange Rayman isnt in after the Generation 5. Yet no Resident Evil 7 but Capcom gets more revenue per game with Ken now. I find that unethical. But then again I did like the fact RE0 and RE4 are coming on Switch. I

    1. Omg are you kidding me, this French company can go to hell, it’s just as bad like EA, just die Ubisoft.
      Capcom is way better it ain’t their fault Nintendo doesn’t want to listen and only have 4gb Ram, Capcom warned them.
      PS4 would be a failure if they did 4gb. Hard to make good modern games that sell on bad hardware like Switch.

      Blame Nintendo for once you fanboy

  6. You know who would make a great fighter in Spash even though he won’t be in? Inspector Gadget. Imagine every time he gets knocked off the platform you press “Up and B” and he says either of the 3 “Go Go Gadget Copter/Coat/Brella” either his helicopter or umbrella or coat comes out.

    Go Go Gadget Hand. Go GO Gadget Legs. Wozers. Brain would be his Final Smash or used like Toad uses Peach.

  7. Though if Gadget gets in, which he wont, they have to file right through DIC and Disney. But that’s not going to happen not in a million years . B-K is a LOT closer to reality.

  8. Jason would be a great fighter!! He has weapons. Also that guy from Street Figher who says “To The Fire, TO the Flame” One could dream right? Catwoman would be ideal. But then they have to sign a contract with WB and Marvel.

  9. I wish if they want to go in on Capcom try Leon and Billy from RE0 and RE4. Why not? Plus they have guns for long range. Though they will suck trying to get back on the platform like Lil Mac.

  10. Bayonetta Vs. Catwoman who yall think would win? They would be great competitors!!! They both have whips, both sexy and both some sneaky women. But then they have to sign rights with Marvel and W.B. I doubt it.

  11. If we get into Marvel XMen.
    Xmen vs. MORTAL Kombat

    No better Soul Caliber. Why Not? Link was in right? Why not put a character on ? Yeah Soul Caliber. At least one Character. Oh I cant sleep I want to know who those 5 DLCs will be. Oh well.

  12. Trine!!! Naaaaa not in a million years. It would be nice if they were Assist Trophies though. Then on a next Smash Bros games introduce one as a playable character. I miss Mr. Ressete annoying butt. Oh that was too funny. That talk was just like I remembered when I turned the game off without saving. Oh it was a 7min talk. Will let me go I talked enough.

    1. thanks for spamming your wall of text here, one comment was enough, nobody gonna read your diary after your youtube evening.

    2. You know who would have been great in Smash Bros? And they are even owned by Nintendo. Kat and Anna from WarioWare. They could team up like Ice Climbers, but as ninjas instead of Eskimos.
      But if we are going all out with our wishes, my top three are Shantae, Spiderman and Optimus Prime. But Optimus can’t be in it because he’s too big.

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