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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct Roundup For 1st November 2018

In the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct video presentation before the game launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switchsystem on Dec. 7, Nintendo blew the lid off of many new modes, fighters and gameplay features of the massive video game crossover event, including details about upcoming DLC. With the reveal of new fighters Ken from the Street Fighter series and Incineroar from the Pokémon franchise, all playable fighters at launch – all 74 of them! – have been unveiled. But more fighters, stages and music tracks will be coming in the form of DLC, which was also announced in the video presentation. To view the Nintendo Direct video in its entirety, visit

Nintendo also announced an incentive for fans to pre-purchase the digital version of the game (and avoid long lines and the holiday rush!). My Nintendo members who pre-purchase the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game in Nintendo eShop or on will earn a bonus of 300, or double, Gold Points. This limited-time offer runs now through 11:59 p.m. ET on Dec. 6. The bonus points will be issued on the game’s launch day.

“There are still elements of today’s presentation that hold a lot of secrets for players to discover, but with the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate only a little more than a month away, this Nintendo Direct presentation is a final look at one of the most massive games Nintendo has ever produced,” said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “With so much to experience and discover in this game – and with a huge library of other games to choose from – we believe fans are going to be playing a lot of Nintendo Switch this holiday season.”

Some of the highlights revealed in the video include:

  • HadoKEN!: Hailing from the Street Fighter series, Ryu’s rival Ken joins the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster as an echo fighter. This Ken is based on his appearance in Super Street Fighter II Turbo. While he has some similar moves to Ryu, Ken is a slightly faster fighter and has a different shaped Hadoken.
  • Incineroar: The final fighter to join the battle in time for the game’s launch is Incineroar, the advanced evolution of Litten, who made his first appearance in the Pokémon Sunand Pokémon Moon games. Incineroar uses pro-wrestling moves, culminating in an epic Final Smash called Max Malicious Moonsault, based on his Z-Move from the Pokémon games.
  • Spirits: In the world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, many video game characters lose their forms and become “spirits” that serve as a power-up of sorts for a player’s main playable fighter. There is a massive number of wildly different spirits, ranging from Chibi-Robo to Dr. Wily to Tails to Revolver Ocelot, with the giant list of characters going on and on. Players can equip primary and support spirits to power up or add additional abilities like speed or strength to their fighter during battles. Mixing and matching spirits will help players get the upper hand against certain opponents, adding quite a bit of strategy to battles. Equipping a spirit is similar to equipping a charm or accessory in an RPG. It’s a way for players to enjoy a massive amount of additional video game characters outside of selecting them as playable fighters.
  • Spirit Battles: The main way to acquire spirits is to win Spirit Battles. After winning a Spirit Battle, players will have to complete a roulette challenge to acquire that spirit.
  • Leveling Up Spirits: By battling with spirits by their side, players can level up spirits, giving them extra power and sometimes unlocking enhanced forms. The more leveled up and trained spirits are, the more powerful and useful they are.
  • Spirit Combinations: With an insane amount of spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, thousands of combinations can be formed. Players will be constantly surprised and excited by all the spirits that pop up in the game. Because players might collect an abundance of spirits, the game will offer recommendations for primary and support spirits, making the selection process a little bit easier.
  • DLC: New fighters, stages and music will be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate through the end of February 2020 in the form of paid DLC. For only $5.99, players can purchase one set, which includes a new playable fighter (not an Echo Fighter), a new stage and a variety of music tracks. By purchasing a Fighters Pass for $24.99, players will get access to five yet-to-be-announced sets, which is five new fighters, five stages and multiple music tracks, as they release. Players who purchase a Fighters Pass will also receive an in-game outfit based on Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 starting Dec. 7. Pre-purchasing the digital version of the game with the Fighters Pass in Nintendo eShop or on before 11:59 p.m. ET on Dec. 6 will earn My Nintendo members 425 bonus Gold Points, or double the usual amount. The bonus points will be issued on the game’s launch day.
  • Early Purchase Bonus: Piranha Plant takes root! The iconic enemy from the Super Mario series is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for early purchasers. Players can purchase the digital version of the game or register their physical game card on a Nintendo Switch device by Jan. 31, 2019, to gain access to this new fighter when it is available around February 2019 at no additional cost. Piranha Plant, together with a new stage and music tracks, will be available for purchase as DLC in the future. Fans can pre-purchase the game and secure the Piranha Plant reward starting today by visiting
  • New amiibo: All the new fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – including DLC! – will get their own amiibo figures. This includes Ken, Incineroar and Piranha Plant, as well as the recently announced Simon Belmont and King K. Rool. The currently scheduled release timing is as follows, with details about future figures on the way:
    • Inkling, Ridley and Wolf – Dec. 7, 2018
    • King K. Rool, Ice Climbers and Piranha Plant – Feb. 15, 2019
    • Isabelle, Pichu, Ken, Young Link, Daisy – 2019
  • Adventure Mode: World of Light: There may not be a single-player adventure quite like Adventure Mode: Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but something has caused the numerous video game characters in the game to lose their bodies and transform into spirits. While today’s Nintendo Direct video provides some sneak peeks, Masahiro Sakurai, the director of the Super Smash Bros. series, wants to keep parts of this new adventure mode secret until the game launches…
  • Assist Trophies: In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, assist trophies do exactly what their name suggests – they assist players in battle! Each assist trophy is based on a recognizable video game character and unleashes a variety of different powers, both offensive and defensive. The total number of assist trophies in the game is 59, representing characters like Guile from the Street Fighter series, Isaac from the Golden Sun RPGs, the Fly Swatter from Mario Paint and Spring Man from ARMS.
  • Mii Fighters: When playing as a Mii Fighter, players can customize their outfits and voice options. Some new Mii Fighter outfits have also been added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Wireless and Online Play: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate lets players battle together with friends and family members via local wireless* or online**. “For Fun” and “For Glory,” which existed in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, are no longer options. Instead, matchmaking is based on three factors: Preferred Rules, which lets players choose their rules for battle and pair up with others with similar preferences, Global Smash Power, an online leaderboard that pits players against others with a similar score, and Proximity, players who are close to each other geographically.
  • Two-Player Co-op: Two fighters are better than one! When playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online, two players can team up on one Nintendo Switch system online and take on other teams with the same setup.
  • Smartphone Features: With the Nintendo Switch Online app*** on smartphones, players can voice chat with others in battle arenas. A mobile service called Smash World is also being developed. Instead of focusing on stats, the new service allows players to post and watch videos, as well as other fun features. More details about the service will be revealed in the future.
  • Elite Smash: Once a player’s Global Smash Power is high enough, she or he will be invited to compete in elite in-game battles. These VIP matches are for the best of the best and offer some serious competition.
  • Smash Tag: Everyone who competes online will need to create a unique Smash Tag. By beating a fellow fighter, players will receive their Smash Tag to display on their profile. Collecting a bunch of Smash Tags is a great way to show off high-level Super Smash Bros. Ultimate accomplishments.
  • Short Messages: Players can select pre-determined short messages, assign them to the control pad and send them to other players before and after battles. The game offers a wide selection of varied preset messages.
  • Spectator Mode: As in previous games, players can watch other players battle in Spectator Mode. Analyzing the battles of other players can be helpful in learning new strategies and techniques.
  • Background Matchmaking: Players can play other modes while they search for an online battle. Not every mode will be available while waiting, but it’s a great way for players to keep occupied between online battles.
  • Battle Arenas: Players can create custom battle arenas when playing online that allow them to compete against other players in a more intimate setting. In a battle arena, there are options to join a battle, wait in line or spectate.
  • Other Features: There is a wide variety of other modes and settings in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, including:
    • Help – Living in the easy-to-access dashboard, Help mode offers in-game guides and tips.
    • Mob Smash – This mode lets players battle an army of fighters on different stages. Players can even select the music tracks associated with a given stage that they want to listen to while battling.
    • Replay – Players can save replays of their battles and even create shareable videos from them.
    • Tips – This menu offers quick tips and tricks that players will see on loading screens. When viewing, the tips can be sorted by category or fighter.
    • Challenges – By completing specific challenges, players earn in-game rewards. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the challenges are arranged to look like a comic book.
    • Battle Records – The Records menu tracks battle history, with the option to view battle data separately for online and offline play.
    • Shop – Players can redeem in-game currency for music tracks, spirits and a variety of different items.
    • Language Support – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate supports 11 different languages. Applicable fighter voices and names are specific to whatever language is selected.
    • Custom Balance – When battling against other players on the same system, players can adjust the strength of their fighters. This completely optional feature comes in handy if players want to adjust strength to ensure a fair fight.
  • Early Hands-On Events: Fans can check the game’s site for information about a variety of upcoming hands-on events. At these special events, players will have the chance to choose from all 74 fighters.

Source: PR

109 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct Roundup For 1st November 2018”

  1. So disappointed with the last picks and focus on DLC. The new story mode is the only thing that really has kept my interest. Even K.Rool and the Belmonts can no longer hold up most of my enthusiasm. May just cancel my Smash Edition Switch system and wait for a special bundle whenever we get another Zelda game.

    1. Yup, The adventure mode really saved this Direct. Loving that animation and voice cast and vocal music theme (the singer sounds like the one who sung the Mario Odyssey song).

      I’m glad Sakurai decided to cut trophies to focus on more important things… they were not really useful anyways.
      Spirits seems like a fusion of trophies and stickers (from brawl), the feature could be a hit or a miss — they are significant in the Adventure mode, so people will have to use them regardless of interest.
      Aside from the great adventure mode, I did not see much in terms of REAL content; there was no other modes shown or added, so it seems like a player will be bored once the adventure mode is completed. The event mode got a bit of a makeover with the spirits but it seems like it will feel dull after a while.
      The online aspect of the game is what I feared it would be… a dry, barebones desert of vast nothingness. I hate to sound presumptuous but nothing shown featured many options and modes to play or have fun online. And I still feel a bit of anti-social vibes from all the limitations in communication with friends. I like the new optimization and connection considerations but my point about the REAL content/modes stands, at least until I delve into the game more. It seems DLC will focus more on fighters and stages rather than REAL content, which is disappointing. My last hope is that random patches add modes and features to online or offline play.
      As for characters; I don’t rally care for them, because like I have been saying, content is what really makes them useful. I really admire Sakurai’s work and devotion but there are areas he really needs to improve on that are blatant and obvious to see. What’s the point in “Quantity” when there is little “Quality”??

      1. I thought it sounded like the same singer who sang in the Fire Emblem Three Houses trailer. Also, I agree with the voices sounding good except I didn’t like Zelda’s voice. I LOVED that EPIC trailer though! Plus, Piranha plant is awesome! I laughed out loud!

  2. I’m sorry but this was awful, lack of modes, disappointing roster choices, Spirits is just Stickers from brawl, I’ll just stick to smash 4.

      1. The direct was one of the best and I’m not really smash hardcore fan. It had amazing animations and some tension when Kirby survived.

        The price is insane off course 70 bucks for game only makes it a PS4 title. ( prizes keep increasing, yet banks keep devaluing money by printing and inflation )

        The full package for full software is a stunning 100 bucks for a Nintendo game ( I wonder what kid thees days can afford that ) ?

        I’ll go 70 bucks and see later because not gonna buy FF7 characters

        1. The price to me it’s ok because for a game with all of those contents it’s reasonable to put a price like that.

          For the DLC side I prefer to wait and see who are those new characters because spending money for characters that I don’t care it’s not good.

          Also I understand with the fact that for this game it will come to spend 100$ but someone like me who don’t buy games every month it’s not a problem.

      2. You call it “wasting money”? We call it an “investment”. Everyone, including myself, will be investing ourselves in buying Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with or without your consent.

    1. Disappointing roster choices? 74+ characters and you’re disappointed? I don’t think it’s possible for you to be satisfied in these circumstances

  3. Remember kids: if you actively avoid leaks and treat any you see as fake, you’ll be less disappointed.

    This was… okay, given the original statement of not expecting too many new fighters. And hey, CoroCoro’s 108 stages was technically true due to five DLC stages.

    So is Piranha Plant one of the five paid or temporarily free + five more? Sakurai said they haven’t started working on any of the new paid fighters yet and then showed Piranha Plant as a temporarily free character, so six total?

      1. I was laughing too much at Piranha Plant to complain. It’s the most amusing and confusing character ever put in the game (Not to be confused with amusing or confusing.)

  4. I’m half and half.


    -Guile’s Theme is in the game and Guile himself is an Assist
    -A single-player mode that looks like it has length and variety (though I’m a little concerned about how easily the player seemed to be whaled on in the footage)
    -MUCH better online as far as options go, with the ability to join Elite battles if/when you get good enough
    -Miis look much more appealing to play as now compared to Sm4sh
    -More amiibo that I must collect- time to come out of retirement as a hunter


    -Isaac returns from Brawl… as an Assist again. After all the teases that he could be playable. Same disappointment I feel about Shadow being an Assist once more and not an echo of Sonic, I truly expected that as well
    -A random Piranha Plant became a fighter before Waluigi. I guess everyone at Nintendo views him as the unwanted bastard child
    -This one’s a bit nitpicky but, Kirby bias. Again. Kirby is the only character shown to escape the chaos in that cutscene for Spirits Mode
    -Incineroar and Ken are the last two new fighters in the base game? Maybe I’m being spoiled, but I thought there’d be at least one more actual new fighter as well instead of one new and one echo


    -Speaking of Waluigi, he was noticeably absent from the Assist Trophy segment once again. Perhaps he’s being upgraded to a fighter behind the scenes?
    -I noticed the Rabbid Peach was a spirit. Does Rayman have a chance at a DLC slot?
    -Shantae is also a spirit. What other indie characters might we see in Ultimate in some capacity?

    1. It’s not a problem to me to see Kirby be the starter hero of the game. This shows that Sakurai still loves his character even if he it’s not working on it for years.

      Same as you I was expecting at least another character and we got Piranha plant… Ok I’m a fan Super Mario but this character made me think that Bandana Dee can be in Smash.

      Another indie character as sticker? Sans?

    2. Guile? Meh! Doesn’t Sakurai know that next to Ryu, Chun-Li is the 2nd most popular Street Fighter character? It should have been her, honestly. (Of course, she could always end up being one of the 5 DLC fighters.)

      I’m glad online isn’t as limited and held back as Smash 4’s. (Finally able to use Mii Fighters online! I want that Rex set!)

      I’m honestly glad Shadow wasn’t an Echo. That leaves room for him being a DLC character even if he is an assist trophy.

      I got an idea for how Sakurai can finally rest! QUIT MAKING SMASH GAMES & LET SOMEONE WHO WON’T SHOW NEPOTISM TAKE OVER THE FRANCHISE!!! (For those that don’t know what nepotism means, it’s the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs; in this case, favoring his own creation.)

      If you look closely near the end when they show the spirits for the World of Light mode, you can see Sagi from Baten Kaitos Origins. (Golden Sun & Baten Kaitos need a new game like yesterday!)

    3. I can only see that Sakurai really hates Camelot characters… And Piranha Plant… Even me, who hated Waluigi would have preferred him over that plant… At least I like the plant, but it is the biggest trolling Sakurai has ever done to us! 😓😓😓😭😭😭😭… He must hate us as much as he hates Camelot 😭

  5. Crono, Shadow, and Sora for Smash! Screw the other 2 slots!

    Fuck Incineroar! Decidueye would have been a much better choice! (Incineroar is the biggest disappoint of the Gen 7 Pokemon!)

    Last but not least, I’m a little irritated there was no mention on whether cloud saves will be a thing for Smash! I refuse to wait on and watch the stupid Treehouse just for the slim chance they might mention cloud saves! That and I got other things I’d like to do with my time, so I’ll just keep an eye out for an article on it (if it’s revealed.) If I have to, I will wait on the day of release before buying the game to make damn sure it’s a thing. Otherwise… Well I do got other games I could buy in place of Smash in December. Maybe I won’t have to wait for March for Let’s GO! Eevee. (I’ll google the subject later if there aren’t any articles on it here.)

      1. Or in the off chance someone who has taken offense to my comment comes to tell me it’s a thing so I can stop my whining/complaining/*insert a “how dare you criticize my God” insult from the cult Nintendo fanatic. lol

        1. Nah, I agree with you- this needs cloud saves. Nintendo best get their act together with their online. It’s bad enough Splatoon 2 doesn’t support it because I probably wouldn’t bother playing anymore if my over 305 hours were lost.

    1. Thankfully, there is cloud saving. The description is on the eShop.

      And, I enjoyed it too. I was hoping for Shadow. Sakurai the damn troll master revealing him and then saying “Let’s talk about assist trophies.” Lmao.

  6. Idk wt everybody on here is going on about. The direct was great, they added the much needed adventure mode and you can collect a bunch of spirits through challenges and customize your fighter It has so much content. How can you complain u want more fighters when there’s 74 already. Everybody on here is just whining, idk wt the expectations were tbh. Wt a shame SMH, it’s clear the developers poured their souls into the game and the only responses I see are “that’s it?” “So underwhelming” etc. So called “gamers” these days are basically a bunch of entitled pests

    1. I hate to tell you this… but you’re comment is 100% on point. These “gamers” have absolutely no freaking clue.

  7. My expectations were low and somehow I was still disappointed.

    Spirits and World of Light just look like retooled Event Matches… Which is alright but I still would have like an Adventure Mode like Brawl OR, at the very least, like Melee.

    No Smash Run :(

    I don’t know why, but it never inspires confidence when Sakurai asks us to get a wired LAN adapter.

    I don’t think anyone would have guessed Phirana Plant. I mean… I kinda cringed when they said 5 DLC characters but they’re not going to reveal who they are… Well, I just imagined all the speculation and begging that would happen… But then when Phirana Plant was revealed it was almost like Sakurai saying “Don’t ask me for anything or try and figure me out!”


    I dod laugh when Snake tried to hide in the cardboard box. I hope, at least, there’s quite a few entertaining cutscenes to World of Light.

      1. No, because I didn’t really want anyone from the Grinch leak except maybe Isaac.

        I’m disappointed today because of the questionable single player content for Ultimate.

        1. Wow but just 2 days before you were talking so much about the grinch leak that you think it was real.

          About Isaac. Ok this one I can understand many fans be disappointed, me not because I never played Golden Sun so I didn’t care too much, but I think the problem of Isaac not be playable in Smash is the popularity of the series.

          As I already wrote I didn’t play Golden Sun but I can assure from the university where I go only 2-3 people knows Isaac.

          I know it’s a bad comparison but if you think for a sec and ask people if you know who is Super Mario or Sonic people will immediatly know who they are but if you say Isaac not everybody knows this guy.

      2. I don’t know what to tell you. I thought it was real but it doesn’t mean it was because I was hyped by the picks.

        And, honestly, the only reason I’d want Isaac is to get him in the public eye again so the series doesn’t seem like it’s completely dead. Golden Sun 1+2 were amazing games.

    1. To be fair, every online game is best played with a wired connection. That said, the fact we have to buy an LAN adapter for the 4th time for the 4th straight Nintendo system is becoming extremely annoying, cheap, and honestly a little greedy.

  8. Where’s “Break the Targets”?
    Where’s “Board the Platforms”?

    Why are two of the most nostalgic and enjoyable Side Modes still absent?

      1. I hope so.
        As long as it’s not the same Target Smash that we had in Brawl/Wii U I’ll be totally fine with it.

        Break the Targets from 64/Melee as well as Board the Platforms from 64 were so well designed, and were one of my favorite Side Modes in the series.
        It would be shame if they didn’t go back to that route.

  9. Not a Smash fan here, looking at the reactions from the outside therefore. Can just laugh about the strong disappointed reactions today. What’s wrong with you? It’s the biggest Smash roster ever and you are complaining because your personal wish didn’t come true? Cancelling preorders? Throwing the whole game in the bin? How millennial can it get?? For Christ sake have some integrity and balance and above all a levels appreciation of what actually is and what isn’t your entitlement

    1. See, I’m not too happy about the lack of a sort of “level mode” like Adventure mode or Smash Run or even a Subspace Emissary type mode (although I knew that was highly unlikely).

      But I don’t want to be lumped into the people who are sour about the roster. I was pretty satisfied with the roster after K.Rool. Everything after that was gravy.

      But it’s mostly Spirits mode I’m disappointed in… I was hoping for anything like Smash Run or Melee Adventure mode :/

  10. Now I can’t understand why they replaced the Shadow Assist with Knuckles, I can’t see Shadow being paid DLC, then Spirits Mode is glorified Stickers from Brawl which nobody cared for, then The Adventure Mode seems to be just normal levels already in the game so no platforming type stages to explore, then this maybe a unpopular opinion but if they were going to add a Generation VII Pokemon to Smash I think it should have been Deidueye, We all ready have a final evolution Fire Pokemon in being Charizard. The only things that I liked in this Direct was the Vocal Theme and the Piranha Plant. DLC is confirmed but I don’t think that anybody that I would want will make the cut… They did show Shantae witch was a huge shock to me but only as a Sticker/Spirit. I was at least hoping for Shadow The Hedgehog… He was the one hope that I had left that seemed to make so much sense. Then They announced DLC but most of the fighters People would have wanted for DLC have been made into Assist trophies already. So far Sakurai has only said there will be five. I feel like three will definitely be Geno, Skull Kid, and Sora, maybe Banjo. So who are the other be? Also While I do like the plant, they put that in over Waluigi?

  11. I love how the direct starts with Sakurai being like, “I work way too hard” and then all the fans are like “WHAT ABOUT THESE 15 SPECIFIC CHARACTERS!?!?!”

  12. I understand peoples disapproval of this Direct, however, what did they realistically expect? 74 characters plus the 5 DLC characters is more than enough for me. I saw a comment saying that someone was pissed off by the “Nintendo Fans” getting angry because everyone was being whiny, but it’s honestly true. There is a lot more content that I think you care to admit. Would you rather have made the game yourself, investing the time yourself? Probably not, yet you complain about the roster, the stages, the game modes and online. Honestly, I feel bad for Sakurai. All this hard work, and yet all these people who are ready to complain. Pitiful.

    1. People have the right to complain, or feel confused, disappointed, or alienated. It’s called human emotion. Just don’t act like a jerk about it, and rubbing salt into the wounds is never a good thing either. It’s important to recognize the overall good (despite a few to any shortcomings) and pat the developer on the back when he’s done a good job. However, you can’t outright ignore certain glaring flaws in the game when you come across them, and expect people to maintain a state of infinite happiness, especially when these flaws can ruin the rest of the game for you (depending on who you are). No matter how good Sonic, Snake, Mewtwo, Roy, Mega Man, Greninja, Ice Climbers, Wolf, Pac-Man, Cloud, Ridley, K. Rool, and Simon are, you will still have things like Dr. Mario and no more trophies, and people will still want characters like Waluigi, Isaac, and Bandana Dee.

      And there are going to be people who actually go the constructive route and take the game into their own hands, adding more characters, reworking characters, and other forms of content, all out of pure love to make things as perfect as possible, and beyond. As dedicated as Sakurai is, there are going to be content restrictions based the standards of the company he works, the individual 3rd-parties connected to this series, and his own personal values, all for the sake of general audience appeal, legality, and profit. Fans however will gladly override this, all out of pure love for the franchise. This time around, it’s going to be a lot harder, considering the game’s complex GUI, as well the Nintendo Switch’s layout and Nintendo’s hawk-eye security.

      To run-of-the-mill casuals, it all feels like pure Nintendo wizardry and a distant pipe dream, but dedicated hackers/modders WILL find a way to make it all possible. Simply put, Sakurai doesn’t have to do any more than he already has (not this time), but that doesn’t mean we should have to sit back and do nothing.

      Do not tie fans’ hands.

        1. If you actually read his comment, he makes perfect sense. He basically said just because Sakurai is bringing us a huge roster and a great game doesn’t mean we should just flat out ignore the game’s flaws. You can praise Sakurai for the good he’s done while, at the same time, criticize his game for it’s faults.

  13. the roster in this game is fantastic, the only ones who are disappointed are fanboys of a cancerous nature

    that said I did want to see more, but I am interested to see what else of world of light are being hidden

  14. Hmmm … I think this looks like it will definitely be the best Smash yet.

    … but that is not to say they got everything right. “Spirits” is dumb. A system for buffing characters in a mode where the only reason to buff is to get bigger buffs, but then nothing worthwhile to do with your fully buffed characters is a waste of time. At least in a game like Monster Hunter, you can take your custom buffed character online and engage in adventures with your friends. You carve a path and create an adventure with your choices. There is no value in ‘sticker’ based systems, no matter how many times Nintendo keeps trying it again and again.

    I honestly would have preferred a return of the Melee style story mode, where you battle through a stage of a franchise, beating up franchise appropriate baddies along the way, and fighting a boss character at the end.

    I want to squash Goombas as Samus, Stomp Moblins as Mario, Have Sonic and Megaman fight Wiley and Eggmans bots respectively, and slink through dark and brooding Castlevania as Jigglypuff in a Sun Hat, etc.

    They got it right in Melee. They just needed to expand on that. They keep getting it wrong since.

    I reserve judgement on the FINAL Final Roster until all 5 dlc characters come out, and a second wave is confirmed or denied.

    Looks Great. Already pre-purchased the complete bundle with all DLC … but it is already clear it could have been even better.

    The loss of trophies is a shame. They were actually really cool. I’ll miss them.

  15. Pretty solid. Not sure what people expected. They explicitly stated when the game was first revealed not to expect as many new characters, and gave the reason why. Their mistake, IMO, was revealing their more impressive new characters early. Save Ridley and the Belmonts for this direct and everything’s fine.

    Honestly, I had completely forgotten they were bringing story mode back so that was all aces in my book.

  16. Everyone’s praising the announcement of the adventure mode, when it doesn’t even look that great. Sure, it’s something, but it doesn’t even look like it’s going to contain cutscenes, and the only custom part about it seems to be the overworld board (which yes, looks gorgeous). Had they just promised cutscenes in the vein of Subspace Emissary, I would’ve been all over it, but I worry it’ll be about as exciting and interesting as the Smash 4 board game thing they threw in.

    1. I think there will be some cutscenes like Subspace Emissary but.. looks just like dressed up Event Matches mode.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved Event Matches in Smash but… I wouldn’t have minded traversing some levels like Adventure Mode Melee, SE, or even Smash Run.

    2. If the adventure mode only has a story cutscene at the beginning of the mode & then at the end of the mode, I’m going to be very, very disappointed. Everything in between better be damn great. If we automatically get thrown into a one on one battle on each stage & don’t have much of an adventure by running through some maze like stage or something like the original Adventure mode, that’s gonna be just as disappointing. Since they showed so much already, they could have shown a little bit more of that mode.

      1. I hate the fact they said that as if stories can’t be fun. Sounds like bullshit from Sakurai because he wants to have a different excuse this time not to do a lot of cutscenes again. I’m grateful for most of what he’s done with this series but he’s overstayed his welcome just like Masuda has with Pokemon.

  17. I have to say after watching this, the haters were wrong again. This is definitely not a Wii U port. This was built from the ground up. Specially ar the adventure mode. I’m hyped. I wanna know who the 5 DLC characters are. . I hope one of them is my enemy Banjo-kazooie.

    1. I rewatched the direct in my language and it doesn’t say the DLC character are 5 but then again the fighter pass gives to you 5 characters, stages and more music.

      I personally don’t know what to say about Banjo and Kazooie. I mean one side of me thinks they will be announce, but the other side…..

      Nevermind we have to wait.

    2. well of course it isnt a port. It was confirmed by a dev tht quit during the development of Smash. (still works for Nintendo) and he said the game engine is not using Traditional rendering anymore, but PBR (physically based rendering). MEANING tht nearly all assets from Smash 4 will NOT b compatible with Ultimate; aka hav to b rebuilt. (PBR enhances lighting complexity and interaction, ambient occlusion, shadows and shadow interaction; and how reflections work on different materials and angle.)

      Side Note: Ray Tracing is pretty much the next step up for PBR.

      Now how I typed it made it sound like I was arguing with u, but I wasnt. lol my bad
      Just helping support ur statement.

  18. Honestly my least favorite of the direct. Nothing game breaking or anything, just not much that excited me. Only thing I’m really disappointed about is lack of trophies, honest they were like my favorite secondary feature in other games. I loved collecting them.

  19. Gone are the days when you could give constructive criticism and not get attacked by a bunch of angry fans with a cult member mentality, getting called a sexist, misogynist, hater, or other terms. If you constructively criticized Ghostbusters 2016, you’re a sexist. If you constructively criticize Trump, you’re just a filthy liberal. If you constructively criticize the left, you’re a Trumpster (or whatever the insult term is nowadays.) If you constructively criticize Nintendo or an employee of Nintendo’s (like Sakurai), you’re just a hater who’s whining & complaining over nothing. Just ignore these people that go straight to insulting you for your opinions. At the end of the day, they are just trolls angry you don’t have the same “Nintendo is God! They are beyond criticism!” mentality as them. Of course, as biased as their opinions are, it’s still their opinions so don’t fall to their level and insult them in return. You are just giving them what they want.

  20. Maybe I’m missing something, but is it clear that all pre-orders qualify for Piranha or only those purchased through the Nintendo website?

  21. Looks good, still I’ve fond memories of Melee, hope it will get a very good single player experience with the adventure mode. Not completely happy about characters. I don’t see fit Snake or the Fitness Trainer, they don’t mix well. Also Belmont is ugly.

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