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Japan: Masahiro Sakurai Commentating During Nintendo Live 2018

News has emerged today that Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai will be live commenting during the competitive event Nintendo Live 2018 which is happening in Japan. Gamers who attend the event will be able to play as all 74 characters in the latest Super Smash Bros series and players can use the provided Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers. Mr Sakurai will be commentating as well as doing a live play through of Super Smash Bros Ultimate on stage.

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8 thoughts on “Japan: Masahiro Sakurai Commentating During Nintendo Live 2018”

    1. Why is this guy so hyped up ? What did he do besides making smash ? Is it all because Smash ?
      Is it because he is good dev. ?
      We know about miyamoto and Zelda producer but not much about him really, only hardcore smash fans now.

      1. He’s one of the hardest working developers!
        This is why we love him, and don’t deserve this good of a game.. yet I keep getting annoyed at greedy people who always want more and more.
        Dummies who killed their own hype thinking the grinch leak was real!

      2. This is the guy who invented Kirby, made Kid Icarus relevant and is even the voice of King Dedede in the video games.

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