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Ubisoft’s Child Of Light Will Be Adapted For TV

Ubisoft’s beautiful Child of Light is set to be adapted for TV. The RPG-inspired game is available right now on the Nintendo Switch and also the Wii U system. This particular project is from Ubisoft’s Women’s Film and TV Fellowship for screenwriters. The show will be via Ubisoft Motion Pictures and here is Tasha Huo concept via Engadget.

Huo is a fan of coming-of-age RPG platformer Child of Light and she hopes to capture the vibe of the “playable fairytale with a strong female heroine,” as she describes it, in a live-action show. She’s working on a script for the pilot.


5 thoughts on “Ubisoft’s Child Of Light Will Be Adapted For TV”

  1. I still don’t get this thing about looking for strong feminine characters…. I mean I love women and encourage them but…….. Even Child of Light? Oh Well…. Still love Aurora

  2. I’d watch this. However, I would rather it be animated, watercolor style.
    Well, however they make it in time, it had better be spoken in rhyme.

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