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Actress Brie Larson Says She Would Like To Do A Metroid Movie

Respected actress Brie Larson has revealed that she is a super fan of the Metroid franchise. The actress, who has starred in films such as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Captain Marvel, dressed up as Zero Suit Samus on Halloween a couple of days back. She has recently said on Twitter that she would love to do a Metroid movie. Captain Marvel in released in cinemas on 8th March 2019.


50 thoughts on “Actress Brie Larson Says She Would Like To Do A Metroid Movie”

  1. YES PLEASE! Ok, this costume is “meh”. But I can see her easily in an Iron Man like suit for Samus. Heck yes, that would be awesome!

  2. I like how you start the article with the word “respected” knowing full well that as actresses go, she isn’t. She hasn’t been particularly successful, but has become a cultural figure surrounding her political views, leaving her very respected by the people who agree with her, and very disrespected by those that don’t.

    Bad idea either way. Metroid doesn’t lend itself to a movie.

      1. Video game animes tend to work a lot better then live action movies.
        That said, Metroid as movie in general would be interesting but hard to do right. If you don’t believe me, check out Other M on YouTube.

    1. So I don’t know her beyond her name and had to Google, but to stick up for the editor here, she’s apparently won an Oscar for best actress. So I think it’s fair for them to say respected, even if some people don’t.

      1. Oscars are meaningless now, they’re not awarded for actual achievement, they’re awarded for regressive reasons like “This person is a marxist” or “This movie has a black cast”.

        1. My point was that earning one of the major marks of accomplishment in film allows the editor the right to use “respected,” even if a subset of the political spectrum has dismissed awards from within the industry. Nothing more.

          1. I get what you mean. Respected fits because some do respect her in their personal opinion. Just like how some people believe Nintendo is the greatest of all time while others would disagree and say that of a different company.

  3. Ewww no thanks the face looks so mad and depressive and her face is thicc unlike samus.
    Stay far away enough women in the world

    1. The good news is, if the Fox deal goes through, if Brie Larson becomes too much of an issue for the MCU because she can’t keep herself from insulting fans that aren’t being douchebags, they have an easy way to get rid of her once the Fox deal has fully gone through next year: have Rogue drain Captain Marvel of her powers and either kill her in the process or put her in a coma then let Larson go from her contract as they will keep Carol Danvers off screen for some years til they can find a replacement for the role.

      1. Rhonda Rousey was my pick for Carol Denvers…. How Brie Larson got there is beyond me…. I reckon Captain Marvel has now become a supreme Feminist tool… Same as Wonder Woman

  4. Oh hell fucking no! She seems the type to bash you if you dare criticize her portrayal even if you are being respectful towards her as a human being! “How dare you criticize me!? Would you be as critical if I was a man!?” She already came close to doing just that back when people first started criticizing the fact she was going to play Captain Marvel but, thankfully, it seems Kevin Feige reigned her in… (For now.)

    1. If not for all of the attacks on fans giving constructive criticism towards Ghostbusters 2016 who all got called misogynists because there were a few bad apples like that so we all got lumped into the same group as those assholes, I probably would have gone & seen the movie in theaters even if the movie was terrible. But because of Feig and others attacking fans, fuck that movie, fuck Feig, fuck Amy Pascal, and fuck anyone else who attacked fans who weren’t being assholes.

  5. I’d rather have an older Samus tbh. Maybe a Samus who is a bit past her prime and ends up taking someone younger under her wing and essentially being like an adoptive mother.
    I think that could be a relatable theme while still being true to Samus… just, you know… make it a person instead of a baby metroid and make Samus more emotionally mature, yet still understandably damaged from her past (parents killed, losing the baby metroid)

  6. Absolutely not, this woman isn’t only racist but also has ridiculous political views. Not to mention the way she responded to people that rightfully criticized her lack of emotion in the captain marvel trailer was downright immature and disrespectful.
    Keep Brie Lard-arse as far away from Nintendo as possible.

    1. Give it time. If Ocean’s 8 ends up being a shitfest like Ghostbusters 2016, I guarantee there will be a bunch of “you are just sexist” etc etc towards people that didn’t like it even if they weren’t motivated by hate for women.

    2. (Since my original reply is awaiting moderation and I don’t know if people get a notification once a comment has the awaiting moderation tag lifted, I’m copying it and changing the word I used that got it tagged. Oh and I’m adding something extra to the comment, too.)

      Original comment: Give it time. If Ocean’s 8 ends up being a shitfest like Ghostbusters 2016, I guarantee there will be a bunch of “you just hate women” etc etc responses towards people that didn’t like it even if they weren’t motivated by hate for women.

      Addition to Original Comment: Oh and if you have to repeat yourself multiple times that you “don’t hate white men,” then there might be a slim chance you actually DO hate them.

  7. Who is she??? Nah I’d prefer that UFC girl lol if you make a Metroid film just anime it or CGI … No live action Hollywood crap

    1. She’s some bad actress who created a controversy last year for her racist and sexist comments, she said white men don’t have a right to an opinion because they’re white and male.

  8. No, not this person again! First Marvel is ruining Ms. Marvel in turning her into this man-like looking woman and now this actress, who can‘t smile, wants to ruin Samus as well? No, stay away from japanese games, Anime and Manga, Hollywood. Don‘t you see what you did with Battle Angel Alita and Ghost in the Shell? Don‘t you dare, Hoolywood.

    1. It seems strange to criticize someone for not looking like a woman when the girls in anime and manga certainly don’t either. Are you actually interested in the realistic portrayal of women in your comic book movies?

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