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Civilization VI On Nintendo Switch Won’t Feature Online Multiplayer

Those of you who were looking to have some online sessions with Civilization VI on the Nintendo Switch will be saddened to hear that the strategy title won’t feature online multiplayer. Publisher 2K Games informed Eurogamer that this was the case when the publication reached out for clarification.

“Civilization 6 for Nintendo Switch includes support for local cooperative and competitive multiplayer for up to four players via a Wireless Network,” a 2K spokesperson said via email. “It will not have online multiplayer.”


13 thoughts on “Civilization VI On Nintendo Switch Won’t Feature Online Multiplayer”

    1. Always love reading the excuses from Nintendo fanboys, the last 10 years it was sweet salty tears and fake smiles 😹

    2. WHat about Asynchronous? Why do we immediately just sweep Asynchronous under a rug when it’s clearly the obvious way to play Civilization. You know. Like Words with friends. Sending turns back and forth like play by email, but within the client. I’ve played other games that do it so well, and Civilization V has something called Giant Multiplayer Robot, a third party solution to make it possible. But Civ developers refuse to give the Asynchronous thing a chance. They did it once. On Civ Rev for iPhone. And it worked well! It’s just the game was basic and shitty. But then they were like “Oh, clearly no one cares for Asynchronous multiplayer” and haven’t given it a chance again.

      WHich is fine, frankly not including the expansions was enough to turn me off, but Asynchronous multiplayer could have changed my mind. But nope, they’ve done nothing but try to convince me from the moment Civ VI came out on PC and every release after that, that I just don’t need any version of Civ 6 in my life. And I’m the biggest Civ IV and V fan.

  1. Not a problem for me as I doubt I would have ever played it online but still disappointing to not have that option. I guess they had to make a concession somewhere.

  2. A lazy @$$ old port with a rip-off price tag that looks and runs worse than other versions. Plus it’s gimped by having less features like online multi-player, and blind fanboys try to defend this. Open your eyes people.

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