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Target Black Friday Advert Reveals Yellow And Red Super Mario Maker Nintendo 2DS System

Retailer Target has revealed its Black Friday 2018 advert and shown within is a newly coloured red and yellow Super Mario Maker themed Nintendo 2DS system. The system comes with the brilliant Super Mario Maker pre-installed and will cost $79.99.



13 thoughts on “Target Black Friday Advert Reveals Yellow And Red Super Mario Maker Nintendo 2DS System”

  1. Hmmm… I suppose the remaining audience left for the 3DS market is the younger/kid demographic, hence the kid friendly 2DS//2DSXL being pushed more than the mature New3DSXL… That or it’s just cheaper to produce [maybe both].

      1. lel, I just mean compared to the 2DS line of products; the 3DS line is a more aimed towards the older demographic (teens and up) while the 2DS seems to be aimed towards pre-teens and younger.

      1. This, this right here is why not only bundling a 2DS with a game using “3DS” in its title is why there’s going to be even more confusion this holiday around this machine. Bad enough there’s a 3DS and a NEW 3DS, but not to be confused with a new New 3DS and a used New 3DS! And fanboys wonder why Nintendo needs to shut that line down- it’s because no one in their right mind calls their products these names!!!

  2. Is Nintendo TRYING to get sued for false advertising? Look at how big the font is for “3DS” yet how small it is for “Nintendo 2DS”. They’re easily going to sell this to people who think they’re buying a 3DS when in fact they’re buying a 2DS, a system that not only doesn’t display 3D, it can’t run New 3DS exclusive games!

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