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Lady Gaga Reveals She’s A Fan Of Bayonetta

The Bayonetta franchise is a favourite of gamers with its lightning fast over the top action. Music artist Lady Gaga has revealed on Twitter that she is a fan of Platinum Games franchise. She’s currently on Chapter V and fought her was through Chapter IV. It’s great to see gaming continue to get mainstream influence at an extremely fast pace.

45 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Reveals She’s A Fan Of Bayonetta”

  1. Sadly doesn’t make her music any better.
    Wonder why plethora of screeching feminists hasn’t tore her to shreds yet?

  2. “Someone get her do the Bayonetta 3’s theme song, @NintendoAmerica.”
    Someone… please stop these monsters….

  3. I fail to see how this is surprising…She literally had Hatsune Miku open for her once and on multiple occasions has said shes a nerd person lol

  4. Lady Gaga, Nickelback, Justin Bieber. I find some, if not most, of the hate for these people overblown & bandwagon-y. Anyway, I enjoy a few songs Gaga sings, I enjoy most of Nickelback’s music, and Justin Bieber has some good songs that I like, too. Music, like most things, are subjective so not everyone is going to like this or that.

      1. According to one friend, it started because a few hated the fact Nickelback’s Rockstar song was used to sell furniture at some Canadian store and other sore losers with no opinion of their own jumped on the hate bandwagon. In truth, half of them probably still secretly listen to some, or most, of their songs. lol

      1. He definitely earned it later on in his career. Starting out, though, it was mainly centered around the fact he was found through YouTube and some people did not like that. Nowadays when someone gets famous because of YouTube, they are more widely accepted so not many bat an eye about it these days.

  5. I may not be a fan of Lady Gaga, but she has a great taste when playing video games. Bayonetta is one of them. If she has either a Wii U or Switch, she needs to play Bayonetta 2.

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