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Amazon: Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Official Collector’s Edition Guide Now 40% Off

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is nearing release as its due to arrive on the Nintendo Switch next month. If you want to fully master the game you might be thinking about purchasing the Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Official Collector’s Edition Guide. Amazon currently has the book for 40% off so it will only cost you $23.99 for the hardback or alternatively you could opt for the cheaper paperback for $13.49.

Everything you need to come out on top in the eagerly anticipated newest entry in the beloved Super Smash Bros. franchise!

·      Full Coverage of All Fighters: The biggest roster in Super Smash Bros. series history!

·      Comprehensive Strategies and Move Sets: This 464-page book gives you all the in-depth strategy you need to succeed with every contender!

·      Premium Hardcover Book: The gorgeous, exclusive design is a must have for any fan!

·     Digital Bonus: Unlock your digital version of this guide with the free code card included inside. Access your digital guide anytime, anywhere, on any web-enabled device.



    1. It’s not even out yet and you already looking out for DLC.
      It’s called ultimate and people already hoping for DLC bringing more content 😂
      It’s not ultimate and not everyone is here, let be honest instead of listing to PR and blind fanboys

      S A D

    1. Collectors probably. Why do comics still get physical editions? Why do games still come physical as well? Because there are people who would prefer to have the comic, game, information in a tangible package.

      1. I should have clarified. My problem isnt that they’re physical, its that its information about the game your paying for, wheras you can essentially find everything you need to know about the game and more online. Plus, smash is a game that will constantly change overtime. I understand the collector’s point of view, but I wouldve been more understanding if this was an art book, comic, etc.

  1. Hey, remember that strategy guide for a fighting game that actually told you what you needed to know to get started in competitive play?

    Neither does anyone else.

  2. I like getting strategy guides for the pictures in a physical format, but the last one I bought was the Ultra Sun/Moon Pokédex guide.

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