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NPD: The Best-Selling Games In The US For Nintendo 64 And Game Boy Colour

NPD analyst Mat Piscatella has kindly shared game sales of a number of legacy systems on Twitter. These popular video game systems include both the Nintendo 64 and the Game Boy Colour, both of which shared success in the United States. The best-selling video game on the Nintendo 64 in the United States was Super Mario 64 and the best-selling Game Boy Colour game was Pokemon Silver. Take a look at the top ten sales below!

17 thoughts on “NPD: The Best-Selling Games In The US For Nintendo 64 And Game Boy Colour”

      1. There’s this thing called free will? Also funny that you think games have a maximum age =P
        On a side note: I think shooting other people to bits is not a really mature thing to do at all. Wars only exist in this world because some world leaders are not mature enough to do the right thing.

  1. I like how they exclude the word “of” in the titles. Like “Ocarina Time” sounds great. I could use some more ocarina time in my life…

  2. All of those n64 games should be ported to nintendo switch. I’ll understand if star wars, diddy kong racing (has banjo and conker), and james bond don’t make it due to licensing issues.

  3. What was SO great about Goldeneye? I played a little of it back in the day, and I hated it just as much as I hate ALL first person shooters. Also, I can’t believe Conker’s Bad Fur Day isn’t on this list. I LOVED that game. Though the ending did confuse me.

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