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Video: GameXplain Smash Ultimate Piranha Plant Reveal Trailer Analysis

GameXplain has released a new trailer analysis video. This time, the spotlight shines on the Piranha Plant reveal trailer that appeared in the recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct. They said in the video description that they “breakdown the reveal trailer to uncover as much of the this enemy’s moveset as possible, including special attacks, grabs, the Petey Piranha Final Smash, and a ton of Easter Eggs hiding in the trailer, such as secret obscure references to past Mario games. Oh, and we also go over why he might just fit into the roster better than you think”. Here’s the video:



  1. Now that I really think about it, with how Sakurai shows nepotism for his own creations, the Kirby franchise in particular, I’m surprised he didn’t use a common enemy from that franchise instead of Piranha Plant from Super Mario.

    Of course, in his defense, it’s possible this wasn’t even his idea but someone at Nintendo’s to add Piranha Plant from Super Mario. In any case, precedent set as this opens the door for future playable Smash characters to be common enemies. Or maybe even common non-enemies for that matter, so a playable Toad could be a thing one day.

  2. Well I shed a small tear after I saw that Skull Kid was an assist trophy… it disconfirms him as a playable character but it makes the 5 dlc characters intriguing as I have no idea who it could possibly be.. would have though skull kid for sure.

    1. There’s always the next Smash, and just like with the last two (three) games, there will be some Assist Fighter Syndrome where a few ATs will be upgraded to playable. I still hold out hope for Krystal- now that she has a model and attack animations, her chances have gone up.

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