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Video: Digital Foundry Tackles Diablo III: Eternal Collection On Nintendo Switch

The folks over at Digital Foundry have taken a close look at the recently released Diablo III: Eternal Collection on the Nintendo Switch. They say that it is the “ultimate portable take” on Diablo III and have come away impressed with the work of Iron Galaxy and Blizzard on the port. While the game is based on the last generation versions of Diablo III, and not the newer PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions, they have noted that this is a solid port. Reset Era member chandoog has provided a summary of the video which can be viewed below.

  • Resolution is dynamic.
  • Docked: Highest: 1600x900p // Lowest: 1344x756p. Hangs close to 900p fairly often.
  • Portable: Highest: 1280x720p // Lowest: 960x540p
  • Port acts like a “Last gen +” version. More of an enhanced 360/PS3 port than a watered down PS4/XBO port.
  • Density of particles reduced compared to PS4/XBO.
  • Portable mode has the full experience with only lowered resolution. No other effects lowered.
  • Performance is better than PS3/360 versions. Performance can drop to mid to low 40’s in worse case scenarios, when density of enemies and too many effects are seen at once.
  • Same performance metrics in Docked and Portable.


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