Nintendo Advertises Zelda-Related Job Listings

Nintendo has advertised some job listings which sound as though they are for whatever the Kyoto-based company plans for The Legend of Zelda series. The job listings were spotted by Reset Era member Guru-Guru who has taken the trouble to translate them from Japanese. Here’s what we know about the new job positions:

  • The first job posting is for a 3DCG designer. They specify that it is for terrain/topography production for stuff such as the field and dungeons.
  • Requirements: experience making backgrounds in Maya and Adobe Photoshop; experience working on HD hardware; Japanese fluency
  • Other skills that will help your application: experience making backgrounds specifically for an action game; experience making concept art; experience making assets in Substance Painter and Substance Designer; interest in Zelda; leadership experience
  • The second posting is for a level designer. They are looking for someone to plan game events, the field, dungeons, as well as enemies.
  • Requirements: experience working as a game planner for consumer games; Japanese fluency.



  1. No mention of needing skill with Unreal Engine 4. Shame. :/ We need Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask HD remastered in Unreal Engine 4. And not just as two separate games but as one, single game. Imagine being able to control Link after Zelda sends him back in time, being able to go to meet Zelda as Link, rat out Ganondorf before he strikes, go to where his trial is, watch his sentencing by the Twilight Princess sages, watch him get taken away, going to get Epona from Malon, seeing Zelda one last time before she sends you off, and actually being able to make Link ride to where Skull Kid will eventually jump him. We could even get a scene of Link watching the Happy Mask Salesman close his shop and go off to find Majora’s Mask after seeing him getting a hint as to it’s location by someone. And the game wouldn’t have to end where Majora’s Mask ends as we get a 4th act of a brand new story that could lead directly into Twilight Princess. While you wouldn’t be able to go to Termina or the new locations of Hyrule til after you clear the Ocarina of Time segment, you can still see where the paths leading to Termina and the new locations of Hyrule are at during the Ocarina of Time segment. I’d gladly pay around 100 bucks for that shit! @.@ Sadly, that’s where my ideas end for such a game. :/

      1. Well there are others besides me that would love for something like this to happen, so by we, I mean people that would agree with me. Besides, the Ocarina & Majora parts of the game would be done by a 3rd party while the Zelda team works on the 4th act of the game which could be sold as a separate game if no one wants to buy it merged with Ocarina & Majora. The Zelda team would obviously do the gameplay stuff that takes place between Ocarina and Majora, as well, so as to keep the story between the 3 games consistent.

    1. I’d prefer Nintendo come up with a “Nintendo heroes” collections. ….. And link collection featuring updated versions of ocarina of time, skyward sword, majoras mask, and twilight princess.

  2. Think they would make Wind Waker or Twilight Princess for 3DS? I kind of want them both on Switch, but you all know that the 3DS may have a second wind incoming…

    1. I really want to see a remake of one of the more “underrated” games, and the Oracle games would be a perfect fit for the 3DS. They could even make the third oracle that was originally planned.

    1. It’s not a bad idea, actually, if they do with it what they did with Wind Waker HD by simply fixing some of the issues fans had with the Wii original. Making Fi less intrusive would be one such fix.

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